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    15,000 volunteers registered in Abu Dhabi for Covid-19 Vaccine trial

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    Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) In the Abu Dhabi & Al Ain , 15,000 volunteers who have registered themselves on a website created for volunteers to taking part in Covid-19 Vaccine trial.

    According to the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, 10,000 volunteers were available for the Covid-19 vaccine trial in the first week, while the number of volunteers reached 15,000 in the second week.

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    Some guidelines have been issued for the Covid-19 vaccine trial. Volunteers must be between the ages of 18 and 60. The volunteer should be in good health and not suffering from any epidemic. It is also important for the volunteer not to be infected with the coronavirus.

    A partnership between the Abu Dhabi-based tech firm Group 42 (G42) and Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, this clinical trial operation is the first global Phase 3 trial for an inactivated Coronavirus vaccine listed in the World Health Organisation.

    The aim of the vaccine trial in Abu Dhabi is to ensure the supply of Coronavirus vaccine to Emirati residents, as the vaccine will be developed in Abu Dhabi after initial testing.

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