Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, the first low-cost airline in the capital going to start

Air Arabia Airbus A320
Borispol, Ukraine - July 5, 2014: Air Arabia Airbus A320 taxiing along the apron to the runway
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A new airline has been added to the UAE, the fare of Air Arabia has been kept lower than all other airlines, the series of flights will start on July 14.

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) UAE Airlines is known around the world for its excellent services, with Emirates topping the list, as well as Etihad and Fly Dubai. Are The good news for immigrants and locals living in the UAE is that now another airline is going to start its flights in the country, which is operating under the name of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi.

According to Local News Paper, the fares of this new airline have been kept lower than all other Emirates airlines. The first flight of the airline started from July 14 and will depart from Abu Dhabi to Alexandria, Egypt. On July 15, the international flight will depart for the Egyptian city of Sohag.

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Those wishing to travel can book their tickets through the Air Arabia website.

Tony Douglas, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Aviation Group, said: Air Arabia and Etihad Group are jointly operating the new airline. The first two Air Arabia flights will depart for Egyptian cities. Passengers on this airline will also have to follow the same precautions and regulations regarding the corona virus that are required by civil aviation.

Emirates and Etihad Airlines, on the other hand, have cut hundreds of jobs and cut salaries. Both airlines will pay their employees less until September 2020. Reuters claims that Emirates has sent an official email to its employees stating that Emirates has paid three. The one-month pay cut that was announced has been extended to September 30, 2020.

Earlier, the pay cut was due to end in June this year. According to the e-mail, in some cases, there will be more pay cuts, which could be up to 50 percent. The e-mail also states that the decision is being made after reviewing all options to save the company’s cash situation. It should be noted that since April, Emirates had reduced the basic salary by 25 to 50 per cent for three months, however, this reduction was not applied to lower level employees.


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