A Wonderful Facility Has Been Announced For Millions Of Pakistanis In UAE

Pakistani consulate in Dubai sets up a state-of-the-art call center for resolving complaints and issues

Pakistan Consulate Dubai
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Overseas Pakistanis are a very valuable asset to their homeland because these Pakistanis, on the one hand, send trillions of rupees to Pakistan to support their families and on the other hand, they support Pakistan’s weak economy in the form of foreign exchange. Are giving There are about 1.6 million Pakistanis in the UAE.

Who are playing their best role in improving the Pakistani economy? The Pakistani Embassy and Consulate in the UAE have provided excellent services to Pakistanis over the past two years. Many important services have also been provided online so that many of their tasks can be handled online during the Corona epidemic.

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Another wonderful facility has now been introduced by the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai. According to Daily Gulf Urdu, a call center has now been set up in the consulate where multiple calls can be heard simultaneously. A press statement issued by the Pakistani Consulate said that the Pakistani Consul General has set up a new call center for the convenience of Pakistanis residing in the northern states of the UAE.

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There will be several delegates present at the same time to listen to the calls. The Consulate further said, “Our delegates will try to resolve their issues while listening to the calls and will guide them. This will be the first call center of its kind for overseas Pakistanis. The main exchange number is 04-3973600 while the hotline number will be 04-3970412. Emergency calls can be made on 056-6472721.


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