Abu Dhabi Police big announcement for drivers

Abu Dhabi Police
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) Abu Dhabi Police has fined 22,000 motorists for not wearing seat belts in six months. Most of them were drivers who did not wear seat belts, while others in some vehicles did not wear seat belts.

The federal traffic law has been amended to impose a fine of 400 dirhams with 4 black points for non-fastening of seat belts.

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Police say the fines were imposed so that drivers must wear seat belts to protect themselves and other occupants. Seat belts can play an important role in saving lives in any eventuality.

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According to research, seat belts help save the lives of 40 to 50% drivers while up to 75% help save the lives of passengers in other seats.

Children are also advised not to sit in the car without fastening their seat belts as it endangers their lives while wearing seat belts reduces the chances of death after an accident by 80%.

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