Afghan man arrested in Dubai for stealing 80,000 dirhams

Afghan man arrested in Dubai
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Afghan man arrested in Dubai: An Egyptian employee working for a jeweler company in the Naif area of ​​Dubai was robbed on the way, a report was lodged at the Naif police station.

An Egyptian employee working in a jewelry company was transferring money from the bank to the shop on a bicycle with 500,000 dirhams in his bag and 80,000 in an envelope. When the employee on the bicycle entered a street, the accused allegedly attacked him from the front.

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He wounded him, snatched the envelope and fled. The employee of the jewelry company chased him but failed, after which he informed the company and then lodged a report at the police station.

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Police started searching for the accused with the help of CCTV cameras which revealed that the accused took a taxi and fled from there. Two weeks after the incident, the suspect was caught near a bank in Al-Qouz.

A jewelry company employee recognized him, but the Afghan denied the allegations. Police produced the Afghan man in court, but he denied the allegations. The court adjourned the next hearing till August 30.


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