Air Arabia passengers from 7 countries must provide negative covid-19 test report before boarding

Air Arabia
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Sharjah (Gulf Inside) Air Arabia has said that passengers arriving at Sharjah International Airport from seven countries now need to be provided with negative COVID-19 PCR test results, which will not older than 72 hours before departure.

“Passengers arriving at Sharjah International Airport from the below-listed countries are going to be required to point out negative PCR test certificate issued by an authorized lab (72 hours) before boarding flights,” the airline said in new guidelines issued for passengers flying back to the UAE.

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India, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sudan and Nepal are listed for this need.
The airline confirmed the new requirement.

“In general, the UAE national carriers follow the principles of the govt . At the instant we’ve confirmation on these procedures,” a PR executive who verified the knowledge with the airline said.

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