All Preparations For Hajj Baitullah Have Been Completed

13,539 volunteers will serve to clean up the holy places

Saudi Arabia Hajj 2021
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Riyadh (Gulf Inside) There is less than a month left in the arrival of Hajj Baitullah. This time too, due to the Corona epidemic, the children of Tawheed living in other countries will not be able to enjoy the blessings of Hajj. This time too, only 60,000 immigrants and Saudis will be able to perform Hajj in the kingdom. The Makkah Secretariat has completed all the preparations for the fulfillment of various responsibilities on the occasion of this year’s Hajj season in order to provide better facilities to the guests of Allah coming to the House of Allah.

According to Al-Arabiya News, the spokesman of the Holy Capital Secretariat, Raad Al-Sharif, while talking, said that all departments, administrative sections, sub-municipalities, and service centers of the secretariat are ready to provide all possible facilities to the pilgrims. On the occasion of Hajj, the Makkah Secretariat will provide all possible manpower and material resources to assist the pilgrims.

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Equipped with modern equipment, the staff will always be ready to serve the guests of Allah. The statement said that the Makkah Secretariat has provided services to 13,539 volunteers to ensure cleanliness in the holy shrines during the days of Hajj. Equipped with 912 devices, 1189 compressor boxes, 135 ground stores, and 9 pressure trailers have been provided.

During the Hajj, three teams will monitor the cleaning arrangements on a 24-hour basis. Of which 657 workers will serve. They will be provided 321 control devices and 234 cars. During this year’s Hajj season, 78 companies and catering companies are competing to provide food to pilgrims at holy sites.

Dozens of catering companies will provide food to pilgrims this year, said Muhammad Al-Samih, a member of the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah and Pilgrimage. He said that 1.2 million packets of food would be provided to the pilgrims during Hajj. He said that these companies would provide three meals a day to the pilgrims. The number of meals served in the holy places during the Hajj season is estimated at about one million and two hundred thousand meals.

These meals will be prepared and will meet the requirements and standards of the General Food Authority and the Secretariat of the Holy Capital. Services will be provided.

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