Are shopping malls closing in the UAE for 2 weeks?

Abu Dhabi Mall
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Are shopping malls closing in the UAE for 2 weeks? An important explanation came out regarding the closure of shopping malls by the Emirati Authorities.

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) Corona epidemic in the United Arab Emirates could not be controlled. The number of people infected with Corona has risen to more than 51,000, following reports on social media that the government has decided to close shopping malls due to the growing number of Corona cases. It was also claimed that all shopping malls across the UAE would soon be closed for two weeks.
However, this has been clarified by the UAE authorities. The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has announced that no decision has been taken by the government to close the shopping malls. The news is completely baseless.
No decision has been made in this regard.

People should not believe the news spread on social media. In any case, if accurate and verified information is required, check the official websites of government agencies. People should also not share fake posts on social media without verifying them, as it is a crime under cyber-crime laws. Disseminating false and misleading information can lead to both imprisonment and fines.

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It should be noted that the UAE government has officially issued a circular for all business centers that thermal scanning cameras must be installed at the main entrances to monitor the body temperature of each person entering.
People with temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius will be barred from entering the mall. Shopping malls will be open from noon to 9 p.m.
No customer will be allowed to stay in a shopping mall for more than three hours, a mask must be worn at the time of entry into the shopping mall and every person’s body temperature will be checked with a thermal scanner at the place of entry. Shopping malls will not be allowed to rush, for this purpose only 30% of the total capacity will be allowed to enter any shopping mall at a time.

People over the age of 60 and children between the ages of 3 and 12 will not be allowed to enter the shopping malls. Everyone in the shopping mall must be at least two meters apart. 75% of car parking spaces in malls will be closed, vault parking will not be allowed. Shopping malls will have to keep all entrances and exits open to avoid rush.
All shop staff will have to sanitize everything after showing it to the customer.

If any customer finds suspicious symptoms of corona or high fever during the screening at the time of entering the shopping mall, then every shopping mall should be informed. A separate cover must be allocated. Even at restaurants and food points in shopping malls, only 30% of the actual capacity will be seated. There must be a distance of two meters between all the tables. Food and drink should be provided to the customers in disposable containers. Floors and table surfaces will be cleaned with 75% alcohol after each customer’s use.

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