Before entering Abu Dhabi, laser screening began to test for corona

Abu Dhabi Corona Test
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) If a passenger is tested positive, he or she will be isolated and further tests will be performed.

According to local News paper, the media office in Abu Dhabi has said that laser screening is being carried out to test the Covid-19 during the lockdown of passengers who want to enter the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. The DPI technique can detect changes in the blood caused by the virus in a matter of seconds.

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The office further clarified that those with a negative result will be allowed to enter Abu Dhabi. Those with a positive test will be further tested. Why is there heat in their blood? They have to be isolated until the test results of the corona virus come out.

The UAE introduced the laser technology in May as part of measures to combat the Corona virus epidemic.

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According to the UAE’s state-run news agency WAM, the coronavirus can be detected as soon as it enters the bloodstream using the Differentiated Phase Interferometry (DPI) technique. The device will help limit the number of people who will need a PCR test to diagnose CVD-19 cases.

“Despite this new option, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee and the Department of Health have urged passengers arriving in the emirate to plan their schedule and get tested in advance so that they do not face any delays.” The Abu Dhabi government on June 2 banned citizens and residents from entering and leaving the Emirate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Authorities recently allowed Abu Dhabi citizens and residents to leave. But for re-entry, they will have to present a negative result of the corona virus test.

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