Can Saudi residency holders stranded outside renew their residency?

Saudi Arabia Iqama
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Saudi Jawazat Explained the status of the renewal of residency permits on official Twitter account

Riyadh (Gulf Inside) Thousands of Expats who returned home on holiday after the Corona virus epidemic could not return to Saudi Arabia due to travel restrictions. Renewing their expired visas has also become a major issue for these residence holders. In this regard, a special report of Gulf Inside states that the Passport Department has clarified on its Twitter account that under the current policy, the stay of any foreigner cannot be renewed during his stay abroad.

If the residence holder is present in the state and related persons such as wife and children are out, then their residency will be renewed by renewing the residence of the head. The Passport Department further states in this regard: It is likely that the government will issue new directives or new decisions due to the Corona crisis – which have not yet been announced and the department has not been notified – the government may take the emergency as an exceptional situation. But give some relief but keep in mind that no such decision has been taken yet.

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In the early days of the Corona virus, the Saudi government had assured that efforts would be made to address the problems caused by the emergency on humanitarian grounds. The Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare , Embassies) in collaboration with the ‘Auda’ system has been introduced. For this, the person wishing to return must obtain a letter from his or her embassy stating that the country concerned will not return the candidate and that he or she may travel to Saudi Arabia.

The second restriction is that the candidate must undergo a corona test before traveling. The third restriction is that he will have to pay quarantine when he returns home. Foreigners who wanted to go to the final exit are taking advantage of this facility of the Saudi government and foreigners who have returned home due to the Corona crisis. All foreigners wishing to return have been given the facility to apply for return through the program.


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