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Emirates ID Fine Check, How To Check Emirates ID Fines In 2 Minutes 2023

Emirates ID fines Check

Emirates ID Fine Check Many expats who are living in UAE are struggling to know their Emirates ID fine, or Abu Dhabi Traffic fines especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. where authorities are dealing strictly with safety violators. Let’s begin knowing how to check fines on emirates ID.

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Emirates ID Fine Check Online 2023

As everyone knows that Emirates ID is issued by ICA (Identity and citizenship authority) which is managed by the Abu Dhabi Government so everyone must need to check all fines on Emirates ID’s through Abu Dhabi Police official website by clicking the link below.

Click Here

To check Emirates ID fine, however (personal or individual fines) you need to click the link above which will redirect you to the official website of Abu Dhabi police, or just download the official app from the link below (registration is a must on apps).


For IOS Apple –  For Android

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How To Check Emirates ID Fine?

  1. Visit the Abu Dhabi police website or app.
  2. Click on public services.
  3. Then track fine inquiry.
  4. Choose Inquire by emirates id.
  5. Enter your emirates id number.
  6. Write down code.
  7. Click on submit button.
How To Check Emirates ID Fine 
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If any fines issued on your UAE resident card, it will be shown to you with full details including your ID number, location, and fine amount. Check out the below sample.

Emirates ID Fine check
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In case of no violation, the system will show “No fines according to the conditions used in the inquiry process.

Emirates ID Fine Checking Online
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Types of Fines on Emirates ID 2023:

  • Covid-19 violations
  • Jaywalking violation
  • Delay in emirates id registration
  • Other individual violations
  • RTA Fines.
  • Municipality Fines.

If your Emirates ID is in the renewal stage suppose your visa is going to expire and you need to renew your emirates id & visa, you must be asked to clear all the pending fines on your Emirates ID before ICA UAE will issue you a new id card. You’ll check your Emirates ID status here.

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Check Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines 2023

To check Abu Dhabi fines (Abu Dhabi traffic fines) click the below link. https://es.adpolice.gov.ae/TracServices/FinesPublic/Inquiry.aspx

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abu dhabi traffic fines inquiry
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Hopefully your question “How can I check my Emirates ID fine” or “Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines” is now answered properly, but still if you have any queries or questions related to Emirates ID fine and payment process,

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