Check Iqama Expiry Date Through Absher

Saudi Iqama Expiry Check
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A new way to see Iqama Expiry Date through Absher.Sa

Now you can check your Saudi iqama expiry date through Absher.Sa Account, But you
can only view it if you’ve got an account with Absher. Earlier it was possible to
check the Saudi Iqama expiry Date without any account by just visiting the link and entering the iqama number. From now you’ll view only by using your or someone’s account.

It is mandatory from now onwards to possess an account in Absher.Sa in
order to see your iqama expiry, however, it’s not mandatory to possess
your own account you’ll also check from others Absher account.

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  • When you logged into your account, you’ll see a search box on top
    there you would like to write down “Query Iqama Expiry Service” from
    that option you’ll check yours or others iqama expiry date.

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  • The procedure is the same you would like to enter your iqama number and image
    code, you’ll the result or expiry date of your resident id on top.
  • The old link of checking iqama expiry is not anymore working its requesting
    to go to new website

Procedure to check Iqama Expiry Date Saudi Arabia


  • The new website of Absher is user friendly and brings more feature,
    From now all the ex-pats must use the new Absher website for
    requesting your services.
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