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    Corona Death Toll Rises in UAE The Reason Has Come To Light

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    Dubai (Gulf Inside) The death toll from Corona in the UAE has risen sharply in the past week. Authorities said in a statement that there had been no significant increase in the number of cases in the UAE. One of the main reasons for this is that people do not fully follow Corona SOPs.

    Most of the Corona patients who have died in recent days have not been vaccinated against Corona. Dr. Farida Al-Husseini, a spokeswoman for the UAE Ministry of Health, said during a weekly briefing that the death toll from the new variant of Corona was rising worldwide.

    There are very few patients with these new viruses in the UAE. Of the recent deaths from corona, 94% were patients who had not been vaccinated.

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    Dr. Farida al-Husseini said 92 people had been transferred to intensive care units after their condition worsened in recent days. There was a percent who had not been vaccinated. Of the new Corona patients, 84% had not been vaccinated, while 16% had contracted the disease despite being vaccinated.

    So far, 71% of the UAE population has been vaccinated. Dr. Farida told people to get vaccinated because even after vaccination if a person is infected with corona, the disease does not get worse, in which case it is rarely the turn to go to the hospital. It should be noted that 10 Corona patients died in the UAE last Saturday. Several months later, so many deaths were reported in a single day.


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