Driving license is must for riding electric scooters in Dubai

License For E scooters In Dubai

Dubai (Gulf Inside) The Dubai Media Office announced in a statement on March 31 that Dubai has announced a new law requiring e-scooter users to have a driving license to operate an electric mobility solution.

The new rule comes as part of a broader proclamation of a series of rules for alternative modes of transport.

The new law also states that riders under the age of 16 are not allowed to ride electric bikes or scooters, while cyclists under the age of 12 are allowed to ride adult cyclists over the age of 18. It is necessary.

The announcement is attributed to a new executive council resolution passed by Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed of Dubai to regulate bicycles, electric bikes and scooters in Dubai.

According to a statement shared on the Crown Prince’s website, according to the decisions issued by the Director General of the Dubai Transportation Authority RTA, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors “electric scooter or any other type of bike Will issue a license for. ”

The resolution came into effect when it was announced, however, the RTA has not announced the steps to apply for the permit.

Another rule that will be applied is the use of white head lamps in the front and red lamps and red reflectors in the rear. The statement said that a bell should also be put on the steering column.

The speed limit for cyclists on the roads has been fixed at 60 kmph while no limit has been mentioned for e-scooters.

Group cycling with more than four riders requires pre-session RTA approval from the Dubai Police, Dubai Sports Council, UAE Cycling Federation, and Dubai Ambulance Services.

The statement clarified that the security vehicle with front and rear cameras should be accompanied by a group of riders. The need for reflective vests and helmets remains.

In addition to improving public health, the new rules are expected to increase overall safety for riders and road users.

List Of Violations & Fines 

E scooter In Dubai List Of Fines & Violations

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