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    Dubai Driving License Renewal step by step Guide 2021

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    Motorists residing in UAE will certainly look for Dubai driver’s license Renewal online in one day or once it is near expiry and yes everyone knows that it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid UAE driving license, so don’t take a risk, and let’s begin a step by step guide about RTA Dubai Driving license renewal procedure.

    Channels for Drivers License Renewal in Dubai:

    Drivers can renew their expired or near expiry driving license through the below channels:

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    1. RTA Website on desktop/pc
    2. RTA Dubai Drive app
    3. Dubai Smart Kiosks
    4. RTA helpline
    5. RTA Trusted agents (opticians)
    6. RTA Service Centers

    Require Documents:

    • Expired license
    • Eye test from authorized opticians
    • Passport copy and valid residence visa copy
    • Original Emirates ID
    • Two passport size photos
    • Medical test (only drivers holding driving visa)

    Dubai License Renewal Fees:

    • 140 to 170 AED for eye test
    • 320 AED license renewal fees (5 years validity)
    • Delivery fees are 20 AED (optional)

    Traffic Violations and Late Renewal Fine:

    • Pay pending fines before renewal.
    • 10 dirhams per day will be charged after the expiry date.
    • 300 dirhams per annum extra are going to be charged for license remain expire for quite 1 year.

    Please note that before starting the license renewal process, you should have a valid eye test result with you, if you have done it through an optician, they will link it with your license (the result will be sent electronically to RTA) so you don’t get to upload it.

    Locate Eye Test Centers:

    Eye test for driver’s license renewal is often done at RTA trusted agents or authorized opticians, to locate drivers’ eye test opticians, you’ll seek Google map help.

    License Renewal through Dubai Drive App:

    Let’s first download the RTA Dubai Drive smartphone application on android or apple devices, once downloaded open the app, create an account using your Emirates ID or phone number.

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    Step 1: After successful registration, log in to the app and search for Drivers services as shown in the below screenshot.

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    drivers license renewal


    Step 2: Under the driver tab, click on Renewing Driving License.

    uae driving license renewal

    Step 3: Write below license details and click on next.

    • Driving License Number
    • Driving License Issue Date
    • Birth Year
    • Traffic Code Number from the backside of your License.

    how to renew dubai driving license

    Those having an old driving license from the year 2000 to 2008+ can get their traffic code number for free by calling RTA toll-free 8009090.

    Step 4: you’ll see driver details like registration number, traffic code number, license issue/expiry date, and therefore the number of black points on the license, etc.

    dubai driving license renewal

    From this step, you can only go to the next page if you have already done your eye test, once done eye test let your optician upload it to your account, after linking an eye fixed test you’ll proceed with the type of delivery and final confirmation page by paying the license renewal fee through a visa card which is 320 AED as of January/February 2021.


    You will get your temporary driving license via email to drive a vehicle freely until you received the new original driving license.

    Renew Driving License through RTA Website:

    Step 1: Create an account on the RTA website and look for the driver and car owner, under service, search for the License tab and click on the license renewal button.

    dubai driving license renewal

    Step 2: After clicking the license renewal button, you will be redirected to the below popup page, choose the driving license option, and write the following details.

    • Your license number
    • Driving license issue date
    • Trac le number
    • Year of birth
    • Click on I’m not a robot
    • Click on confirm

    uae drivers license renewal

    Step 3: On the next page, you will get full details about the driver’s license including the driver’s photo and name, license number, fine details. license issue & expiry date, black points, check all details and then click License Renewal button.

    Dubai driving license renewal online

    Step 4: during this step tick mark on “I comply with the terms and conditions” and click on apply for this service; you’ll need to complete below mentioned 3 steps so as to finish the web renewal process after this page redirect:

    • Confirm driver mobile number & email address
    • Choose your delivery method
    • Pay the fees using your credit or debit card

    RTA License renewal online

    Note: Users renewing license through a mobile application or RTA website will receive a temporary UAE driving license which is considered as “Interim Driving license” through email by RTA until the original driving license will be delivered.

    RTA Interim Drivers license

    Once paid the fees, you will get a notification about payment and card pick up on your mobile number or email.

    How to Renew driver’s license at RTA Smart Kiosks:

    More than half a million Dubai ex-pats are using the RTA website, smartphone apps, and call center to complete their vehicle or license renewal applications but there is a huge amount of transactions recorded in the year 2019 and increasing more at smart kiosks which are also known as the self-service smart machine.

    RTA kiosk

    To renew your license at RTA smart self-service kiosks, the owner of the driver’s license by itself you need to visit any RTA kiosk and follow the below steps:

    • Click on e-service and look for License Renewal
    • Enter your license number
    • You must pay the transaction fees also you need to pay fines if any after that you will get your new original driving license directly printed through the same kiosk.

    How to Renew Dubai Driving License on Phone:

    License renewal can also be done through the RTA call center, steps to follow are:

    • Call 800 9090 (Free Call)
    • Select Vehicle and Driver License service and speak to an operator
    • Provide your driving license number, your full name, and the date of birth
    • Pay the renewal fees or fine (if any) with a MasterCard
    • you’ll receive your temporary license immediately via email
    • As per the delivery schedule, you will get your original driving license.

    Renew your driver’s license at an Optician:

    RTA trusted agents in Dubai (optician) also can renew your driver’s license, follow the below steps to renew your RTA driver’s license at the optician.

    • Pass an eye fixed test
    • Provide Passport & Visa copy
    • Show emirates ID
    • Submit passport size photo
    • Pay license renewal fee in cash
    • Get your temporary driver’s license at an equivalent time (interim license)

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    The last channel to finish the Dubai driving license renewal process is by visiting the customer happiness centers (RTA services centers), where you’ll complete the RTA license renewal transaction within the minutes, you’d wish to require the same above mentioned require documents with you so as to undergo a customer service agent, pay the fees (or if any), and obtain your license At an equivalent time.

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