Dubai Five-Year Visas For Workers Of Multinational Companies Based In UAE

Dubai Five Year Visa Dubai 5-Year Visa

Dubai (Gulf Inside) Emirate of Dubai has introduced a five-year visa permit for employees of international companies.

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamadan bin Mohammed announced the introduction of the new visa on Twitter on Tuesday. “Our aim is to facilitate institutions, enable their teams to travel to Dubai to attend meetings, conferences and exhibitions held in Dubai throughout the year,” he said in a tweet. ‘‘

In the UAE, housing is generally associated with employment, and has introduced several new visa options in recent years.

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Uae introduced a ten-year ‘golden’ visa in 2019 and a five-year tourist visa in January this year.

In addition, those investing in property worth $1.4 million (5 million UAE dirhams) or more in the UAE are eligible for a residential visa of five years. The condition for such persons is that they have purchased the property and must own it for at least three years.

Entrepreneurs with a minimum capital of $136,000 (500,000 UAE dirhams), or who are part of a recognized enterprise, can obtain a six-month visa. This visa can be renewed for a further six months.

In secondary school, exceptional students with a marks of more than 95% or a grade point average (GPA) of more than 95% are eligible for a five-year visa and can support their families.