Dubai NOL Card Guide Check NOL Card Balance 2021

Nol Card may be an open-end credit that will be used at various transport modes in Dubai with one tap

Nol Cards Balance Check online
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Dubai NOL Card isn’t just a conveyance card but it now becomes a multi-purpose payment card that can be used at more than 2,000 outlets. You can buy groceries, food, drinks, and even you can use your RTA nol card for fuel.

You need to know everything about your Nol cards likewise sorts of cards, benefits, nol card recharge process, how to check the balance of nol card
options and lots of more useful things which can definitely help both the tourists and

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What Is Nol Card?

Nol Card may be an open-end credit that will be used at various transport modes in Dubai with one tap including Dubai RTA Buses, Metro Dubai, Dubai Tram, and different kinds of marine transport modes like Water Taxi and Water Buses & boats. you’ll also use your nol card to shop for food at metro station outlets and may buy RTA’s Paid parking across Dubai city.

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Available Types Of NOL Cards

1. Nol Silver Card
Silver Nol Card

2. Nol Gold Card
Gold Nol Card

3. Nol Blue Card
Blue Nol Card

4. Nol Red Card
Red Nol Card

5. Nol Personalized Card
personalised Nol Card

Benefits of Nol Silver Card:

Silver nol card may be a perfect starter card with an e-purse which will be loaded with up to AED 1000 upon registering your card. Getting this card is simple you can buy it immediately from any ticket oce for only AED 25 that has an AED 19 e-purse value (balance).

Some other benefits of the Nol silver card are:

  • Nol Card will calculate the trip cost automatically and deducts the cost from your purse balance.
  • Nol Cards can be used on all kinds of public transport, Etihad Museum, public parks in Dubai, also can be used at more than 2000 shops across Dubai.
  • You can buy your card immediately from any Metro or Bus Stations on the low coast and use it immediately.
  • Nol Silver card has come with 5 years validity.
  • The top-up limit is AED 1000.

Benefits of Nol Gold Card:

Nol Gold card allows you to travel in luxury and luxury, it holds equivalent features because of the silver card,
but it gives you access to gold class seats at Metro and trams for a premium fare. You can get this card from any ticket oce for only AED 25 that includes AED 19 e-purse value.

Other benefits of the Nol Gold card are:

  • Gold Class cabins/seats.
  • 5 years validity.
  • Valid on all modes of conveyance and parks including Etihad museum and 2000 shops
    across Dubai city.
  • No extra charges for not traveling in gold class cabins, with gold card, you can travel economy class too.
  • The top-up limit is AED 500.

Benefits of Blue Nol Card:

Nol blue card may be additionally referred to as a Nol personal card which is a personalized open-end credit with an e-purse that will be loaded with up to AED 5000. This card comes with a special design that has the photo and other details of the customer.

Some other benefits are:

  • A feature to secure your card balance in case if the card gets lost or stolen.
  • It gives special fares to students, senior citizens,s and people of determination.
  • Often used at 2000 shops, Etihad museum, all modes of transport, and public parks in Dubai.
  • Nol blue card allows online services, SMS, and email notifications.
  • You can check the history of your card transaction therefore the status of nol card refund.
  • If you want to reset your nol card pin there have an Option to reset.
  • AED 5000 is the maximum Top-up limit with 5 years validity.

Benefits of Red Nol Card (Ticket):

Nol red card is perfect for the travelers who travel occasionally which can be bought any time from ticket vending machine the cost of the card is AED 6. Nol Red Ticket is a paper-based ticket. It can be loaded with up to 10 Single Trips.

Some other benefits are:

  • Can be bought from a ticket vending machine.
  • The price of this unit is AED 6 including a 4 AED purse balance.
  • 90 days validity.
  • Allows you to buy the precise trip only.
  • This is the low-rate ticket that can be used for Dubai Metro, Tram, and buses.
  • You can use the same ticket for all modes and there’s no need to buy another ticket.

Personalized Nol Card:

Nol personalized card is simply for 30 AED with a top-up limit of 1000 AED allows its holder a custom design to identity user nol in a glance. This card is valid and may be used in the least Dubai Transport modes with a validity of 5 years. To apply for a customized nol card, you would like to submit a web request form here.

How You Can Get A NOL Card:

Buying a Nol card in Dubai is extremely easy, let’s learn the ways to get a nol card.

  1. Ticket oces at metro stations and some bus stations.
  2. Vending machines
  3. RTA customer care centers
  4. RTA authorized sale agents
  5. Online at RTA website

Nol card recharge can be done through:

  • Any ticket vending machine
  • Ticket oces at Metro stations
  • Grocery shops having Du/Etisalat recharge device
  • RTA sales agent
  • RTA customer care centers
  • Smart Kiosks across UAE
  • Online

Can’t go out to recharge nol? Don’t worry and say because of NFC smart services, Now you can using NFC option of your smartphone by just tapping it on your smartphone. The NFC
(near field connectivity) is now able to read & update new NOL cards directly through both android and IOS mobile phones.

RTA Card Recharge By NFC
NFC allows you to use your smartphone as a nol card to check-in and check out at the metro, bus, water bus, metro parking. You also have the option to transfer credit of your card to another card, check your nol balance, last transactions through NFC technology. To know more check this link and appearance for NFC in how to use nol card menu.

RTA nol card can be top-up online through the RTA website by adding your credit/debit card. The top-up amount limit for unregistered users is 1000 AED and for registered users is 5000 AED.

How to check Nol Card Balance?

Many people struggle to know their nol balance. Don’t worry anymore as you’ll now check your RTA nol card balance online by just writing your nol tag ID on the RTA Nol card balance inquiry page.

nol card balance check

RTA nol card balance check also can be done once you tap in or beat out, the remaining total balance will ash on the ticket machine screen. to check your card purse balance you can use any ticket vending machine or oce all over Dubai metro or Bus stations.

Nol card merchants in Dubai and UAE:

You can use your nol card to buy and buy from quite 2000 shops; we’ve gathered a number of the popular UAE brands for you. Below is that the list of merchants in Dubai and UAE at which you’ll use your nol card.

  • 800 Degrees Piza (Restaurant)
  • Al Maya Global (Super Market)
  • Aster (Pharmacy)
  • All Day (Convenience store)
  • London Diary (Restaurant)
  • IMG Theme Park LLC (Entertainment)
  • Lulu (Supermarket)
  • Aswaaq (Supermarket)
  • Burger King (Restaurant)
  • Carrefour (Supermarket)
  • Carter’s (Restaurant)
  • Zoom (Convenience store)
  • Auto Pro (Automotive service)
  • Tasjeel (Government service)
  • Enoc (Fuel station)
  • Paavo’s Pizza (Restaurant)
  • Medicina (Pharmacy)
  • Mister Baker LLC (Restaurant)
  • Medcom (Pharmacy)
  • Med care (Clinic)
  • Eat & drink cafeteria (Restaurant)
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee (Restaurant
  • Cravia (Restaurant)
  • Circle K (Convenience store)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum balance to stay on Nol card?
You must keep a minimum balance of 7.5 AED on your nol card.

How to use Nol Card in Dubai?
You need to tap in (touch the nol card to the sensor area of the cardboard machine) while entering and beat out once you exit through stations, metro trains, trams, and buses.

Can nol card be used outside UAE?
Yes only if you are traveling in RTA public transport through inter-city bus to/from Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.

Is nol balance refundable?
Yes, you can get a refund of your nol card balance by paying 2.5% charges of the total e-purse amount.

Is there any discount on Nol Card?
Yes, there is a 50% discount for students, senior citizens, and people of determination. Also, children below 5 years of age can travel free of cost without a card.

Can tourists get nol card?
Visitors & Tourists are allowed to buy nol card at any ticket oce across Dubai metro & bus stations (Some time they can be asked to present their visa or passport copy).

What are the Nol Fares in 2020?
Nol fares can be checked online through this link as the fares may change time by time.

The Dos and Don’ts of Nol Card:

  • To avoid lines, always check-in when entering and check-out while exiting.
  • Confirm you maintain a minimum 7.5 AED balance.
  • For any kind of inquiry, you can call RTA toll-free helpline number 8009090 for transport timings, locations, or lost nol card.
  • If caught, 200 AED is the one for traveling without a card or without punching the card.
  • You are not allowed to drink, eat, smoke or litter inside any kind of RTA transport.
  • For further details regarding RTA nol card including nol student, nol plus card, nol card monthly pass, etc

You can call on RTA toll-free helpline 8009090 or just visit the official websites of RTA and Nol.

You suggested to check always your Nol card balance online or at the time of
entering at the bus door or before entering the bus as if caught without balance, you’ll be charged with
+200 AED fine. For travel freely with peace of mind across Dubai &
UAE. must remember nol card recharge options in your mind.

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