Emirates Airlines made a great announcement for its passengers

Emirates Airlines
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Emirates Airlines has made great announcements for its passengers. All passengers traveling to Emirates will be reimbursed by the airline in case passenger diagnosed with Corona & need quarantine. According to the details, Emirates Airlines has announced that it will bear all the expenses incurred by the passengers of its flights in case of coronation or quarantine.

This facility will be available to passengers of all countries and all categories of ticket holders. This facility is being provided to all passengers who will be diagnosed with Corona during their long distance and stay away from home. All passengers who travel to the Emirates before October 30 will be eligible to take advantage of this facility.

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Emirates has clarified that passengers who will travel to the UAE will travel to another country outside the UAE or from another country to other countries.

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If they test positive for corona during their travels or stays abroad, they will be offered free medical treatment by Emirates, while the airline will also bear the costs of quarantining passengers suspected of corona.

The airline will pay up to 1.5 million euros (approximately 638,655 dirhams) for the treatment of a Corona-infected passenger, while in the case of a quarantine of a passenger, Emirates will pay 100 euro per day for 14 days. Expenses of Euro (approximately 426 dirhams) will be provided.

Individuals who have not traveled more than 31 days on Emirates Airlines will be considered eligible for this offer. No registration or form filling is required to avail this scheme.

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