Important news for people residing in the UAE on a expired visit visa

UAE Expired Visit Visa
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Important update for UAE expired visit visas holders. Those whose visas were expired after March 1 and who do not return from the UAE by August 10 will face fines from July 11.

If the visa expires after March 1, you will be asked to pay 400 dirhams administration & out pass fees no over stay fines will be implemented. If you have a ticket before August 10, get instructions from the airline, arrive at the airport and follow the necessary precautions.

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If arrangements cannot be made to leave the UAE before August 10, a fine of 300 dirhams for the first day will be levied from July 11 and 100 dirhams for each remaining day.

If Visa expired before 1st March 2020
If the visa of a person residing in the UAE expires before March 1, it is necessary for them to visit the Deputation Center at Dubai Airport Terminal 2, 48 hours prior to the flight there is also a fee of 400 dirhams for administration and out pass charges, This does not include overstay fines if you are leaving the country before august 10. Eyes and fingerprints have to be done in this center.

Those whose visas expire before March 1 and who still reside in the UAE and do not wish to leave the country before August 10 will be subject to fines from the day their visas expire.

If the visa expires in February, the fine must be paid from February, so to avoid the fine, it is important to follow the procedure and leave the country before august 10

Individuals with queries about their visa status and overstaying concerns can contact: 800453, seven days a week, from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM, except during public holidays.

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