Indian man arrested for sexually assaulting a young Pakistani girl

Indian man arrested for sexually assaulting a young Pakistani girl

When the 16-year-old Pakistani girl entered the elevator, the Indian citizen also entered the elevator and kept doing wrong things to her and forced her to go to the roof.

Dubai (Gulf Inside) An Indian national was arrested in Dubai for committing indecent acts with a Pakistani girl half his age. Police say a 40-year-old Indian man sexually harassed a 16-year-old Pakistani girl on her way back from school and continued to make embarrassing orders.

The girl came home and told the whole story to her parents, who after filing a report with the police, arrested an Indian national involved in lewd sexual acts. The victim told police: “I live with my parents in a residential building in Al-Qasis. The incident took place in March, when I was returning home from school.

When I entered my residential building, I saw the accused standing on the ground floor.

As soon as I entered the elevator, this person also came in the elevator at the same time and forcibly clung to me and made shameless gestures. As soon as the elevator stopped on the second floor, I was frightened and tried to run towards my flat. This man stopped me at the elevator door and looked at me with lustful eyes and asked me to walk on the roof. I pushed this sex patient with all my might and immediately ran to my flat and told my mother the whole thing.

According to police, the accused initially denied the allegation of sexual harassment. However, when he was shown video from close circuit cameras showing him entering the elevator behind the girl and then coming out, he confessed to the crime. The accused said that he wanted to take the girl to the roof and get sexual pleasure from the cross, however he could not succeed in his plan.

The trial is set to begin on July 20.

Before Dubai police have arrested a Pakistani man for engaging in “extremely shameful acts” with a foreign woman. He had an affair with a woman in his shop.

According to the details, the woman entered the clothes shop with a friend at noon. After choosing some clothes, she went to the try room where some cabins were made. She was on her way to a cabin when suddenly a Pakistani man came out of the cabin and forcibly dragged her to his cabin. According to the woman, she lost consciousness after the sudden sexual assault.

The accused was in a semi-naked state, who snatched the woman and started doing very embarrassing things to her. However, the woman resisted and freed herself from his grip and came out and told the whole story to her friend. ۔ Who advised him to call the police. Police arrested the Pakistani suspect, but he refused to admit any charges against him. The trial against the accused has been adjourned till July 15.