Mumbai & Hyderabad Airports Are Getting Ready For UAE Flights Resumption

Mumbai, Hyderabad airports getting ready for the resumption of UAE flights: 

India to UAE Flights
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Indian’s biggest airport Mumbai airport has instituted a rapid PCR-testing facility, that gives the test results in just 13 minutes, a report cited an airport official as saying. The report said that the Hyderabad airport has also made a partnership with a Covid-19 testing lab certified by the ICMR and therefore the NABL.

Resuming flight services toward the UAE, airports in India are going preparing contingency measures to chop the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in their premises, reports said, that a huge amount of passengers headed for Dubai, UAE and other parts of the Gulf nation is to be expected once the flights will become operational. According to a report by UAE local newspaper, the international airports at Hyderabad and Mumbai are gearing up for the Dubai & UAE flight services, equipped with rapid PCR and lab testing.

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Flights to Dubai United Arab Emirates will be expected to resume on June 23 but were later rescheduled owing to the coronavirus disease situation. The UAE first suspended aviation to and from India in April because the latter battled a devastating second wave of Covid-19; the ban was later extended till July 6. According to the latest news updates, flights from India to Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Across UAE are set to resume on July 15 and July 21.

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The Mumbai airport is keeping its premises sanitized in the least times and has also instituted a rapid PCR-testing facility, that provides results in just 13 minutes, reported by UAE local Newspaper, citing an unnamed official of the Mumbai International Airport (MIA) conversant in the event.

“Inside the airport facility also has a testing lab to assist the passengers to get the report at the earliest,” the report quoted the official as saying. “We have already got the facilities at airports departures also because the arrivals and that we have ample counters to satisfy requirements,” the airport official was quoted.

On the other side, the Hyderabad airport, is also, has partnered up with Mapmygenome, which is a Covid-19 testing lab certified by the (ICMR) Indian Council of Medical Research and also with (NABL) National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories India, the report said, adding that the coronavirus testing facility at the Hyderabad airport will operate 24 hours a day all seven days of the week.

There is no clarity yet on whether the India-UAE travel channel will once more be pushed back, the report mentioned, citing the airport spokesperson, who said that the reopening of the airline travel route will depend upon timely clearance provided by the UAE government.

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