Muqeem Vaccine Registration Saudi Arabia 2021.

Muqeem Vaccine Registration KSA
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This is now mandatory For all passengers who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia must register with Muqeem vaccine registration, according to a circular issued by the General Directorate of Jawazat ( The Saudi immigration department). All travelers including foreign residents of KSA, visitors also as new and existing visa holders are now required to register their vaccination status.

Who can register at Muqeem?

This portal is particularly launched for KSA visa holders who are currently outside KSA either in their home country or in a third country. Such people need to register in muqeem to update their vaccination status.

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How to Register vaccine status in Muqeem?

Those who are currently outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can register their vaccination status regardless of the type of visa they hold. However, it’s mandatory that you simply need to register it maximum of 72 hours before your flight to KSA. Follow the step by steps registration method which is given below.

Muqeem Vaccine Registration Steps:

1. You need to visit the official website of Muqeem. You can roll in the hay on any device including pc/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Simply click the link given below:

Have a look at the following screenshot:

By default Arabic language selected, which you can change to English by clicking the (English) button.

Muqeem Vaccine Registration For Saudi Arabia

Muqeem Vaccine Registration For Saudi Arabia 2

You can see the following options:

Vaccinated Visitor:
For those that have already received any sort of vaccine jab any number of doses, they will use this feature for registration. This category is for visitor visa holders.

Not Vaccinated Visitor:
Visitor visa holders who haven’t received any vaccine dose anywhere, they’re going to use this feature for registration.

Vaccinated Resident:
Residency visa holders, who have received any vaccine job anywhere, can register through this tab.

Not Vaccinated Resident:
Residency visa holder who didn’t get any vaccine jab, they ought to accompany this feature for registration.

Check Registration:

You can check your vaccine registration here online after you’ve got completed your registration.

2. counting on your visa type and vaccine status, you’ll choose an option. For example, we choose “Not Vaccinated Resident”.

A new page will open, you’ve got to enter your iqama number, date of birth, click “I am not a robot” and click on “Verify”.
The system will automatically fetch the data from your record in the immigration/government system which will be displayed on the next page. You have to enter the small print about your journey including flight number, time of arrival in KSA, arrival destination (airport) in Saudi Arabia, name of the airline.

u need to enter details about your quarantine arrangements which may be hotel or shelter center because all not vaccinated residents have to quarantine upon arrival in KSA.

Now you need to click on given buttons like ” I’m not a robot”, tick mark the check box for declaration, and click on “submit”.

This is the method for all residents who haven’t received any vaccine dose.

The process for the other three sorts of passengers is nearly the same. The only difference between not vaccinated and vaccinated registration is that there’s no requirement of quarantine for vaccinated passengers. So vaccinated passengers don’t get to enter quarantine arrangements details, instead, they need to enter information about the vaccine and must hold a vaccination certificate from the vaccination department who gave the vaccine. In the case of Pakistan, vaccination certificates are often obtained from NADRA.

All visitors and residents who received vaccine jabs in Saudi Arabia, they are doing not got to hold vaccination certificate because their record is already available in Tawakkalna, however, the persons must make sure that they have already registered withTwakkalna. Such people can update their vaccine certificate at the subsequent link:


All the passengers who are currently outside of KSA and wish to return to Saudi Arabia, need to apply for Muqeem Vaccine Registration. According to Saudi Government, Muqeem Registration will help the immigration department and passengers to hurry up the method of entry at Saudi airports or the other port of entry.

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