Passengers with single name on passport not allowed to enter UAE, says airline

single name on passport not allowed to enter UAE
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Pakistanis with a single name on their passports are banned from entering the UAE. The number is around 1.6 million. According to Local news paper, passengers traveling from Pakistan to the UAE will not be allowed to enter the Emirates with their single name on their passports. Pledge of names to allow entry into the country

The rules have been revised, according to which passengers who have only one name and no other name including father’s name or family name on their passport will not be accepted, hence ‘first name’ on a single name passport. Passengers falling under the category of not having “First Name” or “Last Name” will not be allowed to enter the UAE.

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Similarly, on Wednesday, the Australian government also issued an advisory to its citizens, asking Australian passport holders to enter at least two names in the name fields because if you only have one in your passport. If you have single name you will be denied entry, earlier Indian airlines also asked passengers to correct their names on passports as passengers with only one name are not allowed to enter UAE. No, because the UAE immigration authorities have issued a new travel advisory for travellers, which states that travellers with a single name in their passports will not be allowed to immigrate.

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