Ravi Restaurant and Adidas Collab To Launch Superstar Ravi Sneakers in Dubai

The exclusive shoe, introduced by the world-renowned sportswear company adidas, will be available at exclusive stores in Dubai from June 23. Online shopping will also be possible. Will be provided in the style box

Superstar Ravi

Dubai (Gulf Inside) Adidas announces the launch of a limited and exclusive edition shoe “Superstar Ravi” in association with the famous Pakistani restaurant Ravi in ​​Dubai Will be available on, online shopping will also be possible, buyers will be provided with each pair of special shoes in a special edition “Takeaway” style box.

According to the details, the world renowned sports product company Adidas has given a pleasant surprise to Pakistanis living in the United Arab Emirates. According to Arab News, Adidas has a special partnership with Ravi, a Pakistani restaurant located in Dubai.
Ravi Restaurant started its Dubai operations in 1978 and is now very popular among foreigners and Emirati nationals residing in Dubai.


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Adidas has announced the introduction of special shoes called “Superstar Ravi” to commemorate the Ravi Restaurant in Dubai, which has been providing the best food to its citizens for decades and is one of the oldest memories in the UAE.

The shoes will be available in Dubai and select online retail stores from June 23. The shoe series is part of a celebration of popular eateries in 11 cities around the world.

The special shoe called “Superstar Ravi” is white and green which reflects the Pakistani identity and culture of the restaurant owners, while on the heel of the shoe is the name of Ravi Restaurant in English and Arabic and the opening date of the restaurant in Dubai. Is also listed. The 6 dishes selected by the restaurant owners in the inner part of the shoes are also featured in English and Arabic.

These dishes include the famous chicken biryani and Karak Chai.
There is also a hand-painted map on the shoe, highlighting the importance and significance of the restaurant, which is named after Pakistan’s famous Ravi River. Restaurant owner Chaudhry Abdul Hameed said that his family has worked tirelessly to bring Ravi Restaurant to its present location.

Ravi Restaurant is no longer just a restaurant, but a home for employees and customers, a home with which many people grew up. Ravi now represents Dubai as a major city with Adidas, a milestone that should be celebrated. A statement from Adidas said the partnership “represents the ability to cross food boundaries and build cultural ties.”
Food that takes us to a new place or reminds immigrant communities in 11 major Adidas cities of the taste of home. Through the ‘Edelweiss’ series, each restaurant brings its own unique food and its story to the fore.