Saudi Arabia Direct Flights From Pakistan & India Start From 1st Dec

Pakistanis allowed to enter the country directly, direct passenger flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia can be operated

Flights From Pakistan to Saudi Arabia
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Riyadh (Gulf Inside) Saudi Arabia lifted travel bans on Pakistan & India, Pakistanis & Indians will be allowed to enter the country directly, direct passenger flights from Pakistan & India to Saudi Arabia will be able to operate. According to the Saudi news agency Saudi Arabia Gazette, the Saudi government has lifted travel bans on six countries, including Pakistan.

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According to the Saudi Gazette, Saudi Interior Ministry officials have confirmed that citizens of Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Brazil and Vietnam have arrived in Saudi Arabia directly since December 1. Will be allowed In this regard, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, also responded and thanked the Saudi leadership.

This decision by the Saudi government has made possible the return of thousands of Saudi residency holders to Saudi Arabia, who were unable to return to Saudi Arabia after arriving in Pakistan several months ago. Due to the Indian version of the coronavirus, the Saudi government had banned the direct entry of Saudi travelers from Pakistan.

Only those were allowed to travel directly to Saudi Arabia, who went abroad after receiving both doses of the Saudi government-approved vaccine in Saudi Arabia. While those who wish to come from restricted countries have the facility to stay for 14 days before arriving in a country from which there is no restriction on the arrival of travelers, it should be noted that the Saudi government Several months ago, Saudi Arabia banned the direct entry of travelers from Pakistan, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

As a result of this ban, thousands of working Pakistani Saudi holders who were on holiday in Pakistan were facing the threat of losing their jobs.

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