Saudi Arabia Has Announced Strict Restrictions On Non Vaccinated Foreigners And Locals

From August 1, those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to enter government buildings, travel on public transport, and attend events.

Saudi Arabia Vaccine Restriction

Riyadh (Gulf Inside) Authorities in Saudi Arabia are taking all possible measures to control the Corona epidemic, but due to the negligence of many people and non-compliance with Corona SOPs, Corona cases are on the rise. There are also millions of foreigners and locals who have not yet been vaccinated, making it difficult to control the Corona epidemic.

However, authorities have now announced a number of restrictions on non-vaccinators. According to the details, from August 1, those who have not been vaccinated will be barred from entering public places, they will not be allowed to attend events and they will not be able to use public transport. The ban will apply to locals and immigrants who have not been vaccinated.

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According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, government or private sector employees who have not been vaccinated will also be subject to the ban. They will not be allowed to go to their offices. Similarly, if a person has to go to a private or government institution for his work, he will be allowed to enter if he has been vaccinated, otherwise, he will be barred.

The ministry said the ban would also apply to economic, cultural, tourism, educational, recreational, and sports venues. In addition, those who do not get vaccinated in shopping malls and restaurants will be barred from entering from August 1. According to Saudi officials, from August 1, restaurants, cafes, barber and beauty salons, weddings, and party halls will have to show proof of vaccination. 587 vaccination centers across the country will be vaccinated immediately to that Avoid sanctions.