Saudi Arabia Will Not Currently Issue Visas To Pakistani Tourists

Saudi civil society clarifies after lifting tourist visa ban, visas will not be issued to travellers from banned countries

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa
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Riyadh (Gulf Inside) The Saudi government had suspended tourism in the kingdom due to the Corona epidemic, after which foreign tourists were temporarily banned from entering the country. After almost a year and a half, the Ministry of Tourism has announced that the temporary ban on tourist arrivals in the country is being phased out from August 1.

Holders of Saudi Arabian tourist visas will be able to travel to the country from August 1. However, the bad news in this regard is that citizens of several countries, including Pakistan, will not be issued tourist visas on which the Saudi government has issued the Corona epidemic. Due to the temporary travel ban. The Saudi Civil Service has clarified that tourist visas will be issued only to countries from which there is no travel ban.

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Therefore, Pakistani tourists will have to wait for now. The tourism ministry says only those who have been vaccinated against corona will be allowed to enter the country for tourism. Basic quarantine will not be required on presentation of Corona Vaccination Certificate. In addition, tourists will have to submit their PCR test report and the negative report of the Covid test 72 hours in advance.

Tourists coming from abroad will have to enter the necessary information about themselves on the following web link:

And you have to register through the ‘Tawakkalna’ app. They have to identify the public places in Saudi Arabia where they want to go. Only those who have had their vaccines completed can enter the kingdom. Before entering Saudi Arabia for tourism, it is necessary to take two doses of approved vaccine Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna, while one dose of Johnson & Johnson is sufficient. To obtain a tourist visa, one can register online at

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