Sharjah Announces Limited Number Of Worshipers In Mosques

According to the Sharjah government, fewer people will be allowed to pray in smaller mosques, while workers will have to pray in larger mosques.

Sharjah Mosque

Sharjah (Gulf Inside) Mosques in the UAE were closed last year due to lockdowns, but prayers have gradually resumed. During this time, the capacity of worshipers in mosques was also limited. Worshipers were then allowed to pray in mosques with social distance. However, the UAE state of Sharjah has now decided to limit the number of worshipers in some mosques.

This decision has been implemented from today. According to the Sharjah government, the ban will be imposed on mosques with limited capacity. The decision was made to prevent the spread of corona in mosques. According to Sharjah police, a campaign called ‘Salama’ has been launched to control the Corona epidemic.

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There are some mosques in Sharjah where the number of worshipers cannot come in large numbers, it is difficult to restrict social distance in these mosques, that is why it has been decided to temporarily reduce the number of worshipers in some mosques.

Police further said that due to lack of space in the inner courtyards of mosques with the low number of worshipers, many perform prayers outside which endangers their health. In view of this situation, workers’ buses will now be sent to large mosques instead of small ones for worship so that they do not have to pray in the open air during the scorching heat.

A large number of worshipers in small mosques does not restrict social distance. Most worshipers pray outside the mosque in the scorching heat. In order to save the worshipers from this great trouble, it has been decided that prayers should be offered in big mosques instead of small ones. In this regard, the owners of factories and business centers in industrial areas have been sent texts urging them to send their workers to mosques with more space for Friday prayers. So that there is no difficulty in praying.