Sharjah: Body of a young man who went missing while swimming on the beach has been found

Sharjah Beach
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Sharjah (Gulf Inside)  According to details, a 17-year-old young man went missing while swimming on the Kalba beach in Sharjah on Sunday evening. Police launched a rescue operation which lasted for 10 hours. Ten hours later, the body of a young man was found near Kalba beach.

According to a statement issued by the police, they received an emergency call about the disappearance of a young man in the operation room at 6:20 pm on Sunday. He was thought to have drowned while swimming in the high seas.

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However, after receiving the emergency call, the police launched a major operation in collaboration with the rescue mission, coast guard and air wing, which lasted for 10 hours. Ten hours later, the young man’s body was found near Kalba Beach, which was airlifted to Kalba Hospital.

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Colonel Alkai Al-Hamoudi, director of the Eastern Region Police, warned people to seek information & condition of sea before going for a swim on the beach.

He said that there is severe flooding in the sea during hot summers. However, we have deployed additional Coast Guard personnel to deal with any such accidents. We have put up signboards in places where the waves are strong but those who go to the beach do not follow these instructions.

Al-Kaimi al-Hamoudi added that an awareness campaign was launched by the police today to prevent such incidents.

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