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UAE Thousands Of Workers’ Financial Disputes Resolved, More Than 40 Million...

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) Thousands of workers in the UAE have been paid more than 40 million dirhams in financial disputes. According to the...

Abu Dhabi Police big announcement for drivers

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) Abu Dhabi Police has fined 22,000 motorists for not wearing seat belts in six months. Most of them were drivers...

Before entering Abu Dhabi, laser screening began to test for corona

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) If a passenger is tested positive, he or she will be isolated and further tests will be performed. According to local...

Driving at low speeds in Abu Dhabi will also result in...

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) Police have warned that those who drive at low speeds should stay in the right lane of the road, while...
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