The Abu Dhabi Government Has Announced A Significant Ban On Non-Vaccinators

From August 20, those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to enter shopping centers, restaurants, schools, cultural centers and supermarkets.

Abu Dhabi Non Vaccinators
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Committee has made an important announcement that only those who have been vaccinated will be able to enter all public places in the state. The ban will take effect on August 20, 2021. According to the committee, the decision was made to deal with the Corona epidemic and to protect people’s lives and health.

According to officials, the number of people vaccinated in Abu Dhabi will reach 93% by August. The ban on public places will increase health protection in areas where additional measures are needed to control the Corona epidemic. According to the local newspaper, the committee said that in the first phase, those who do not get vaccinated at shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and other retail outlets will be barred from entering.

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However, supermarkets and pharmacies will be exempt from this restriction. The first phase will also cover gyms, recreational and sports venues and activities, health centers, resorts, museums, cultural centers, theme parks, universities, institutes, public and private schools, and children’s nurseries. Only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter.

However, this restriction will not apply to those who are exempt from vaccination due to medical problems. These people will have to register on the Al-Hassan app for their medical excuse. Similarly, people under the age of 15 will also be exempt from vaccination. The committee said testing has been stepped up in industrial areas and densely populated areas to control the virus. The latest technologies are also being used for the quick detection of viruses. In addition, eligible people are being given a third dose of the vaccine to boost their immunity.

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