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    The Saudi Government Announced Good News To Illegal Immigrants

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    Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia is taking all possible steps to control the Corona epidemic, with very positive results. Although the daily corona cases have not been less than a thousand. However, vaccination has been very helpful in preventing the epidemic from reaching dangerous levels. About 15 Million vaccine doses have been administered in the country so far.

    However, there was a group that had not yet been vaccinated. Now the process of vaccinating this class has also started. According to the details, the Saudi government has announced that the coronavirus vaccine will also be provided to the illegal immigrants in the kingdom. In this regard, first of all, vaccines are being provided to illegal immigrants residing in the Makkah Mukarramah region.

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    Health ministry officials are visiting illegal immigrants in different parts of Makkah and vaccinating them. Because many illegal immigrants do not go to vaccination centers for fear that they will be arrested for staying in the country illegally. However, now the Ministry of Health teams are reaching their residences and vaccinating them.

    So that all sections of the population in Saudi Arabia can be vaccinated and the epidemic can be eradicated from the kingdom as soon as possible. The Ministry of Health’s field teams also has the support of various agencies to reach out to illegal immigrants. According to the Ministry of Health, so far more than 10,000 illegal immigrants from different countries have been vaccinated.

    It is clear that Saudi Arabia is getting closer to its goal of controlling the Corona epidemic. Under the current pace of corona vaccination in the country, the target of giving the first or second dose of the vaccine to all residents of the country will be achieved within the next month.

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