The UAE government has allowed prayers in mosques as well as commercial places

UAE Prayers in Mosques

Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) The UAE government has allowed prayers to be offered at commercial places as well as mosques. Only 30% of people will be allowed to offer prayers at commercial places and buildings, and worshipers will have to take precautionary measures.

According to details, the UAE government has decided to further relax the sanctions imposed due to the spread of the corona virus.

It has been reported that the Emirati government has now decided to allow prayers in mosques as well as in commercial places and in designated places in buildings.

The ruling will take effect on Monday, July 20. In commercial places and buildings, worshipers will be allowed to offer prayers only up to 30% of the allotted space.

It has been informed that the instructions issued for the worshipers in the mosques will also be applicable to the worshipers in the commercial places. It should be noted that after several months of closure, all mosques in the UAE were reopened on July 1.

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However, Friday prayer gatherings are still banned. During the rest of the week, all 5 daily prayers are allowed in the mosque.

It has been reported that only 30% of the total capacity of any mosque or place of worship is allowed for worshipers and worshipers. The instructions given to the worshipers must be strictly followed. Children and the elderly under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter mosques. Ablution is not allowed in mosques.

Sick people and people who have had contact with people infected with the corona virus have also been urged not to turn to mosques. The process of sterilizing all mosques has been completed and is still ongoing.