Travelling to Dubai new Quarantine & approval requirements

Travelling to Dubai
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Orders have been issued for passengers travelling to Dubai International Airport, according to which it is not possible to enter Dubai without a Covid-19 negative test and Approval from GDRFA or ICA, while it has been declared necessary to keep oneself in quarantine after arriving in Dubai.

According to Dubai Media, passengers arriving from Dubai International Airport will have to apply from ICA or GDRFA.

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Individuals with a visa from any of the UAE states can travel to Dubai International Airport, but must obtain an ICA Approval. After receiving the Approval, they can test the Covid-19 and buy a ticket to come. Currently, you can buy tickets for Emirates Airlines, Fly Dubai or any other airline that has started flights to Dubai International Airport.

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Approval from both ICA and GDRFA at Dubai Airport is acceptable. Even if approval is obtained from one of the two departments, there is no need to take it from the other department.

Dubai resident visa holders can travel to Dubai International Airport after getting Approval from GDRFA.
According to the Dubai Health Department, all passengers must have a negative Covid-19 negative test report which will not older than 96 hours before the flight. PCR testing facility will also be available in view of the situation upon arrival at Dubai Airport.

All Dubai resident visa holders must take the PCR test after arriving Dubai.

According to the UAE administration, passengers from 12 countries will have to undergo a Covid-19 test before the flight which will be usable for 96 hours.

Dubai resident visa holders will have to undergo a mandatory PCR test upon arrival at Dubai International Airport, which is still done free of charge.

Passengers coming to Dubai are required to sign a health declaration form and inform the concerned authorities by downloading the Covid-19 DXB smart app.

Passengers arriving in Dubai will have to keep themselves in quarantine until their Covid-19 test become negative, while tourist visa holders are required to have a quid negative certificate and then have full freedom.

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