UAE Government Abolished Rapid PCR Test Requirement For Pakistan India Bangladesh Sri Lanka

UAE Breaking News No More Rapid PCR Test
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) United Arab Emirates has abolished the requirement of rapid test at airports for passengers coming from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, however passengers must show the Negative PCR test 48 hours in advance.

According to the details, the UAE government has taken a big decision and abolished the requirement of rapid antigen test at the airports of passengers going to Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

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Passengers will then have to show a negative PC artist 48 hours earlier at the airports and the 48-hour time will start from the time of the sample given to the laboratory.

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Passengers arriving in the UAE will be subjected to PCR test by the UAE government and will be self-quarantined until the result of the test is known.

According to officials, not all passengers transiting to Dubai are required to show a PCR negative test.

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