UAE grants 30-day grace period to expired visit visa holders who can’t exit by August 11

Expired UAE Visit Visa
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) The UAE government has made the best decision in the interest of Visitors & tourists, with expired UAE visit visa or tourist visas one more month to extend their visas change status or leave the country. The government has announced that Visitors & tourists whose visas have expired after March 1 can apply for one more month after August 11 if they wish.

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Earlier, visitors & tourists were warned to extend their visas until August 11, or to leave the country, or face fines after that deadline. However, after the new announcement, visitors & tourists  can get a discount and extend their stay in the country for another month or they will have another 30 days to extend their visas change status or leave country.

This was announced by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) on Twitter on Thursday.

However, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has not yet announced a date for applications for a one-month grace period. The rate of fines on visitor visa holders has been kept higher than that of resident visa holders. There will be a fine 200 dirham on first day After that, a fine of 100 dirhams will be imposed every day.

However, if the visitor or tourist visa holder has been issued a tourist or visit visa by Dubai, they will not be given a further one-month concession. This was stated by Amir Centers for Visa Affairs in Dubai. The authority has asked immigrants to use the online system to extend the validity of their visa.

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For this purpose, they will be able to expand at home. Immigrants can apply for an extension of visa and stay by visiting the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website (ICA).

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