UAE Medical Insurance Cover Extends For Foreigners In UAE

Abu Dhabi's 2 largest government hospitals to accept non-Emirati-managed medical insurance plans for the first time

UAE Medical Insurance
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) UAE medical insurance cover extends for non-UAE citizens, 2 major government hospitals will accept non-UAE-managed medical insurance plans for the first time. According to The National, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and Al Ain Hospital in Abu Dhabi will offer its services to the residents on any insurance plan. This includes emergency cases and referrals through private hospitals.

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), which operates the capital’s public-owned hospital, says the expansion of coverage is in line with the vision of providing quality healthcare to all citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi, both UAE citizens and residents. SKMC and Towam will now be able to access hospital services.

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Sheikh Khalifa is said to be one of the largest hospitals in the UAE, with 531 beds and a highly pediatric center with a critical care and emergency unit. It also has a national treatment center, requiring medical coverage for residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but the level of insurance may limit treatment to certain conditions, hospitals and clinics.

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Dr. Safa Izzat Mustafa, Acting Chief Executive of SKMC, said: “This announcement means that our SKMC Centers of Excellence, such as our specialist and world-class pediatric services, will be available for more insurance types. In addition to strengthening the healthcare model, it will expand access to healthcare for both adults and children across the UAE. Saeed Jaber Kuwaiti, chief executive of Towam Hospital, said the move would ensure that people with any insurance plan would have access to world-class services like Seha, such as Towam Hospital’s oncology center, to more patients across Abu Dhabi.

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