UAE Mission Mars A new date for sending a mission to Mars has been announced

UAE Mission Mars

Dubai (Gulf Inside) The UAE government announced on Friday that the UAE Mission Mars Hope Probe mission to Mars would be launched into space on July 20 at 1:58 p.m.

The Emirates Media Agency and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center have announced that the UAE’s Mars mission will be launched on July 20 at 1:58 pm, according to a tweet from the Dubai Media Office.

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It is to be noted that the launch date of this historic mission of the United Arab Emirates to Mars has been canceled twice before due to unavoidable reasons. However, now that a third date has been set, it is possible that the weather may change in anticipation of bad weather. Mitsubishi, the company that developed the mission, said it was preparing to launch the mission by August 13. Remember that this mission is to be launched from the Tanegashima space center of Japan.

The mission is scheduled to reach Mars in February 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the UAE’s founding in 2021. In this context, the mission is of great importance to the United Arab Emirates.