UAE New Policy Announces Regarding Shopping Bags

Dubai will charge 25 fills on plastic bags in stores from July 1. Tariffs on purchases will apply to disposable one time use plastic bags in all shops, restaurants and pharmacies.

Dubai New Policy

Dubai (Gulf Inside) A new policy on plastic shopping bag usage in the UAE has been announced. Dubai will charge 25 fills on plastic bags in stores from July 1, and tariffs on purchases will apply to all single-use plastic bags in shops and restaurants.

According to the details, in a statement on the social networking website Twitter, the executive council said that from July 1, citizens will have to pay 25 fills on single-use plastic bags at the checkout counters of all stores in Dubai.

The move is said to be aimed at limiting single-use bags to increase environmental sustainability. The new rules include restaurant, pharmacy and e-commerce delivery, while the new policy encourages consumers towards sustainability. Includes awareness campaign.

The council said that according to a survey, today 50% of the community segregates waste in their homes, and support for changing the ways around the use of single-use plastic bags has reached 85% of the UAE community. It includes all nationalities and 100% business.

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It has been found that it takes 400 years for plastic bags to thaw and thousands of years to reduce their adverse environmental effects. Eighty-six percent of dead turtles found off the coast of the UAE ate plastic while About 50% of camel deaths in the UAE are due to the use of plastic bags.