UAE No More PCR Test Required For Abu Dhabi Al Hosn App Green Status

Fully vaccinated residents in Abu Dhabi will no longer have to undergo PCR tests to restore green status on the Al-Hussein app.

UAE Al Hosn App
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) In the United Arab Emirates, the condition of PCR test to get green status on Al-Hosn app has been removed. According to Emirati media, fully vaccinated residents in Abu Dhabi will no longer have to undergo PCR test to restore Green Status on Al-Hussein app, because under a new update, Red Status on Al-Hosn app will now automatically be on the 11th day. It will be green without residents having to undergo PCR test.

In this regard, the app’s information page states that quarantine for 10 days and wait for the status of your code to automatically go green on the 11th day, after which the green status will remain for 30 days. Then take PCR test every 14 days for next 60 days.

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Previously, residents had to provide 2 negative PCR test results at 24-hour intervals to get green status after testing positive for Covid-19, even if the vaccine was fully vaccinated.

In addition, a recent campaign launched under the hashtag ‘Protect Others’ was shared on social media platforms to spread awareness and to keep cowardly positive patients indoors to prevent them from infecting others.

Be encouraged It should be noted that Green Pass on Al-Hosn app is a prerequisite for entering Abu Dhabi and it is regularly enforced when entering public places in the UAE capital, except for government schools and colleges, all federal and some local A code safety pass is also required to enter government departments.

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Green status is issued for 14 days when a fully vaccinated person’s PCR test result is negative, the condition turns gray after 14 days until the person receives another negative result of the Covid test. To be considered fully vaccinated, residents must have taken a booster shot 6 months after the date of their second dose. A 30-day grace period is provided for receiving a booster dose.

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