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    How To Check Emirates ID Status ICA UAE Pass 2022

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    Tried to check Emirates ID status online? Did not get enough info? Do not worry in the least, the ICA UAE app and UAE Pass have everything now. The Emirates ID status check is now easier, and therefore the excellent news is that you simply can now download a digital copy of your Emirates ID in minutes.

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    Here we are going to start a step-by-step process guide that will help people to access his/her official documents like Emirates ID, UAE Residence visa copy, and many other useful documents.t>

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    Emirates ID Status Check:

    Previously, the ICA website (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) showing only the status of ID card either it is approved, printed, or ready for collection but now you’ll not only check the status but also can download the digital copy of your ID, you only need to link the UAE Pass app with the ICA account.

    What is UAE Pass:

    UAE Pass is a secure digital identity app that allows you access to your official documents through various government websites and apps. To download the app, go to your play store/app store or check the below links for direct download.

    Download Link: App Store / Play Store 

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    UAE Pass Login:

    • Open the app, choose language, and click on create an account.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Scan your emirates ID
    • If do not have an ID, choose I do not have an ID.
    • Write down your full name also provide your mobile number and Email address.
    • Confirm the OTP
    • Verify your account by your mobile number & email address.

    After verification, your account will look like below (basic/verified). The basic account is also enough, to make it verified, search for UAE Pass kiosk location, or use facial recognition service.


    Download ICA UAE App To Check Emirates Id Status:

    Now it’s time to access your official documents digitally, to do so, download the ICA UAE mobile application and follow the below steps.

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    Step 1: After installation, click on check-in with UAE PASS

    sign in with UAE PASS

    Step 2: Confirm the authentication request, it shows the error, you should verify your account either by visiting the nearest UAE Pass kiosk or by verifying your facial recognition.

    uae pass authentication

    Step 3: You will see below the home page with your name and photo.


    Step 4: Click Emirates ID and then click on the eye icon.

    emirates id status check ica

    Step 5: You will now be able to see your digital copy of your Emirates ID, you can rotate to see both sides, you can also download emirates id from this page. If your id is expired or lost, you can request the new one from the same page.

    How To Check Emirates Id Status Online

    ICA UAE and UAE Pass Benefits:

    • You can use “view QR Code” for official government services, you only got to scan the code.
    • You can view and download a digital copy of your residence visa.
    • you’ll check your visa overstay fines.
    • you’ll check your emirates id fines.
    • You can check UAE visa status.
    • Renew expired and lost ID.
    • You can check your residency information.
    • You can check the sponsor information.
    • You can use the immigration entry-exit service (IN/OUT).
    • you’ll digitally sign and verify documents.
    • UAE Pass kiosk location https://selfcare.uaepass.ae/locations
    • UAE Pass contact number 600561111.
    • ICA UAE contact number 600522222.
    • Emirates ID contact number 600522222.

    If you are facing issues while checking the Emirates id status, you can use the https://ica.gov.ae/en/ home page or below image/link. To track your emirates ID status, just enter your Emirates ID no or you can check by application number.


    How to check Emirates ID Status ICA UAE

    Facing any kind of issues while checking your emirates id status or UAE Pass verification through the ICA UAE app? Leave your comments below, our team will help you asap.


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