UAE Fine upto 500,000 Dirham for not providing medical facility to workers

UAE Fine For Medical
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Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide medical treatment to workers in the UAE and if they do not fulfill this obligation, a fine of 500 dirhams to 500,000 dirhams can be imposed under the law.

Federal Law No. (8) 1980 Regulating Employment Relations Under the UAE, it is the responsibility of the visa issuer to provide quality medical treatment to the workers.

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According to Article 10 of the Health Insurance Law, issuing insurance cards to workers is the responsibility of the visa issuer. It is the responsibility of the company to bear the cost of treatment of the workers and not to collect the money from the workers.

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The validity of the workers’ insurance cards should be in accordance with the time frame of the visa. According to the law, in case of any accident, the company has to bear all the expenses.

Under Employment Law 96, the company will have to bear the cost of treatment of the workers. Article 23 of the Dubai Health Authority states that action may be taken against the company if they will not bear the cost of medical treatment of worker in which fines will be imposed.

Fines can range from 500 dirhams to 150,000 dirhams, while continuous violations can result in fines of up to 500,000 dirhams.

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