Umm Al Quwain Police arrest young man who insulting the UAE currency in viral video

UAE Currency
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Umm Al Quwain (Gulf Inside) Umm Al Quwain Police have arrested a Gulf citizen for allegedly insulting the UAE currency notes.

The arrest followed after a video of the incident went viral on social media, and was tracked down by the cyber-crime section of the force.

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The young man admitted to the charges pressed against him.

Link : Umm Al Quwain Police Web

Brigadier Humaid Mattar, Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, said they managed to identify the young culprit in record time.

“Armed with the public prosecution’s permission, the identity and location of the young man was tracked down, and later arrested.”

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The young man admitted to the charges pressed against him, Brig Mattar added.

“He was referred to the public prosecution for legal action as per article (5) of the Anti-Cyber-crime Federal Law No (5) for the year 2012.”

“As per Article (29) of an equivalent law, a jail term (undetermined), and a hefty fine of less than Dh1 million shall be imposed upon anyone involved in any practice that defames, disgraces, or belittles the country or any of its entities.”

In May this year, the Dubai Police arrested a young man over a video that he posted on social media in which he can be seen insulting the UAE’s national currency. In the viral video, the suspect can be seen ‘pretend-sneezing’ and using a currency note to clean himself after.

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