Unused UAE visit visas & cancelled Visas after 1st march – what happens to them?

UAE Visa

Dubai (Gulf Inside) Unused Visit, Tourist Visa What happens to the unused UAE visit visas that were issued before the travel restrictions were implemented Will the suspended visas be reinstated?

According to Amer centres, unused issued visas have been automatically cancelled on March 17, 2020.

There is no refund for the auto cancelled issued visas.
Currently, there is no procedure for re-issuance or refund. However, Amer centers clarified that any updates would be announced through the official GDRFA channels.

Fines for cancelled visas for people unable to fly out of the UAE after grace period

Can cancelled visas expect a fine waiver, if the visa holder overstays grace period in the UAE? UAE authorities had announced fine waiver and validity extension for visas that have expired, but what about cancelled visas?

According to Amer Visa center Cancelled residency or e-visas are not included in the fine waiver.

These are your options if your visa has been cancelled

you can either leave the country or change your visa status by applying a new visa inside the country.

Overstay fine calculator for residency permits.

  • Dh 221, First Day Fine
  • Dh 25, For each consequent day