PIECES: Crafting Comfort and Style for Every Corner of Your Home

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PIECES: Crafting Comfort and Style for Every Corner of Your Home

A “homey” home is often difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it. It feels loved, lived in, and full of character, with certain vibratio

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A “homey” home is often difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it. It feels loved, lived in, and full of character, with certain vibrations in the air – ones that make you feel relaxed as soon as you step through the door.

And then there are the things you bring into your home, the pieces that make the most sense to your style and way of life and add a little bit of magic to every room. From large statement items like a colorful armchair or a marble coffee table to smaller, more subtle accents like throw pillows, scented candles, or tableware in Saudi Arabia, they all come together to create a space that’s unmistakably yours.

For Saudi Arabian homeowners and interior design lovers, there’s always been one brand to turn to whenever the call for a touch of luxury, homey comfort with a hint of the Middle Eastern flair comes a-knocking. And that’s PIECES.


A Saudi family business founded in 2012, PIECES is a one-stop shop for all your home décor, furniture, and lifestyle needs. The brand was born from the founders’ passion for design and desire to bring love and life into people’s homes through meticulously crafted, high-quality items that tell their stories.

In a relentless pursuit of excellence, PIECES has curated an eclectic collection of products from local and international designers, artists, and manufacturers that combine contemporary trends with traditional Middle Eastern inspirations and craftsmanship.

Each piece is handpicked to showcase a mix of influences, but always at the forefront is the brand’s commitment to functionality and timeless elegance in every item.

PIECES Products

For PIECES, the customer’s journey from discovery, selection, and purchase to the moment they unwrap the package and find the perfect spot for their new item is just as important as the final product. That’s why the brand offers an intuitive e-commerce platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

On their website, you’ll also find an extensive product catalog with crystal-clear images and detailed descriptions for every item, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how it will fit into your home.

The Saudi brand’s collection includes the following categories:

1. Tableware

Chefs and cooking experts always say that an exquisite presentation is half the battle won for a diner’s affection, and that goes for everyday meals as well. If you’re one to take pride in your culinary prowess and love to put together a beautiful table setting to match, then you’ll find PIECES’ selection of tableware just as irresistible as your homemade dishes.

The collection includes everything from plates, bowls, dessert stands, thermoses and pots, and serving platters to cutlery, napkin rings, table runners, coffee and tea cups in Saudi Arabia, and coasters, all in colorful and playful designs and patterns as well as a range of luxurious materials, like ceramics, porcelain, brass, and marble.

2. Home Accessories

Much like the icing on a cake, the little details that go into decorating your space can make all the difference in how it looks and feels.

Whether it’s that cream lace bedding set promising a good night’s sleep, that brass leaves photo frame holding your most precious memories, that hobnail lantern casting a warm glow in your reading nook, or the stunning natural stone sitting atop your coffee table, or office desk, PIECES’ home accessories collection is full of unique, tasteful and versatile items that will elevate any room.

3. Clothing

Who says you can’t wear your love of design on your sleeve and, in PIECES’ case, on your feet, too?

The brand’s clothing line features bathrobes made out of super-soft, luxurious fabrics like cotton, linen, embroidered seersucker, and lycia that will make you feel like you’re on a spa day every day. For ladies who love to look as chic and put-together at home as they do outside, PIECES also has a range of loungewear and pajamas that walk the line between practical and stylish to a T.

On the footwear front, you’ll find plenty of fashionable options in the brand’s selection of house slippers, loafers, and sandals, most of which display intricate Middle Eastern-inspired designs, patterns, and colors.

4. Furniture and Lighting

Few brands can successfully master form and function when it comes to furniture; fewer still can do it in a way that effortlessly blends in with the overall vibe of any home. But that’s a PIECES specialty.

The Saudi brand’s chairs — made from woven leather, rattan, trellis, and other materials—are works of art that can be used as seating or decorative pieces in any room. Their center, coffee, and side tables, as well as consoles, showcasing engraved wood, delicate ironwork, and marble and featuring both minimalistic and grandiose silhouettes, will be a neat spot for your favorite books, plants, and trinkets, not to mention the talk of your guests.

Lighting is also a mood-setter in any space and one of the easiest ways to add personality to your interiors. Here, PIECES has much to offer, too. Their lighting collection covers pendants, table and floor lamps, with mosaic designs, geometric patterns, conventional Arabic motifs, and more, that can all be adjusted to create just the right ambiance, be it a quiet night in, a lively evening with friends or a productive work session.

5. Candles, Perfumes and Home Fragrances

Speaking of setting the mood, PIECES is also big on olfactory experiences and their role in defining and enhancing personal spaces. For that reason, the brand has also curated a selection of candles, perfumes, diffuser oils (and bottles), incense, and home sprays in some of the most tantalizing scents you’ll ever encounter.

These include fresh, floral, and citrusy fragrances like jasmine, rose, and bergamot, as well as more woody, musky, and oriental ones like oud, amber, and patchouli. The packaging of these products is just as thoughtful as the scents themselves; every bottle or jar will make a lovely addition to your dressing table or bathroom shelf.

Find Your Favorite From PIECES

Homes should reflect one’s personality and style, so why settle for cookie-cutter designs when you can adorn your space with unique items that speak to you? With online stores like PIECES promising to transform your house into that haven of art, warmth, and comfort you’ve always wanted with one-of-a-kind elements, you can explore a new shade of you, one piece at a time.