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    Workz Unveils MeSH 1.9: Empowering MNOs With Enhanced eSIM Management

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Workz, a leader in cloud eSIM technology and an eSIM provider working with more than 150 mobile network operators in over 80 countries, is excited to introduce MeSH 1.9, the latest version of the company’s revolutionary Multi-tenant eSIM Hub. MeSH is Workz’s revolutionary, open-ecosystem eSIM-management solution that enables MNOs to effortlessly integrate existing sales channels, sites, vendor platforms, and clients into a single, unified management interface.

    MeSH 1.9 Feature Upgrades

    A result of Workz’s commitment to continuous eSIM management innovation, the latest MeSH iteration offers two specific features that enhance the eSIM management experience for mobile network operators (MNOs).

    1.     Custom Branded QR Codes

    With MeSH 1.9, MNOs can print branded QR codes for profile activation. They can create various PDF template designs, each tailored to a specific user type, such as prepaid and postpaid customers. This customisation capability allows MNOs to align their branding and messaging with product offerings, reinforcing brand identity and delivering a consistent and engaging customer experience and a cohesive customer journey.

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    2.     Metadata Change Tracking

    MeSH 1.9 automatically tracks on-demand modifications to default profile types, such as service principal name (SPN, a.k.a. network name), group identifier, and carrier privilege signature. This feature ensures transparency and helps MNOs efficiently and accurately maintain metadata records.

    MeSH 1.8: Enhanced User Insight and Management Efficiency

    Workz introduced MeSH 1.9 feature updates a little over a month after releasing MeSH 1.8, which brought the following features to the table:

    1.     User Device Insight

    MNOs can view the device type and model associated with every embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) profile. This is valuable insight that MNOs can use to tailor their services and offerings more effectively to their subscribers’ devices.

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    2.     Inventory Status Graph

    MNOs can see profile inventory availability through an inventory status graph. MeSH can generate a visual representation of an MNO’s entire profile inventory broken down according to status, such as released, downloaded, pre-released, deleted, disabled, and more. This data simplifies inventory management and makes it easier for MNOs to make data-driven decisions.

    3.     Improved Search Filters

    MeSH provides ready-to-use filters for a better search experience and more efficient profile management. MNOs can segregate profiles according to specific variables, such as status, type, integrated circuit card identification number (ICCID), embedded identity document (eID), international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI), and international mobile equipment identity (IMEI).

    4.     Shareable Custom Reports

    MNOs can download and share their custom profile dashboards as PDF files. This enables seamless collaboration and enhances decision-making since stakeholders see the same tailored reports and data.

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    5.     Expanded Visualisation Options

    MNOs can create data graphs with daily, weekly, and other variable-based views. These expanded visualisation options allow for more creative data presentations and allow MNOs to highlight critical information.

    6.     Customisable SM-DS On-Demand

    MNOs can customise the Subscription Management Discovery Service (SM-DS) for a profile on-demand, offering greater flexibility and customisation capabilities.

    7.     Profiles Ready Alert

    MNOs receive automatic email alerts when a requested batch of profiles is ready for download.

    8.     Changes Record

    MeSH records all metadata updates, such as changes to network names, mobile country codes (MCC), and mobile network codes (MNC).

    MeSH 1.7: Enriching Profile Insights and Personalisation Capabilities

    MeSH 1.7 came before MeSH 1.8 and 1.9, and it introduced the following features:

    1.     Greater Profile Data Insight

    MeSH makes available profile data metrics like re-download availability, remaining download balance and re-use policy.

    2.     Profile Balance Tracking

    MeSH sends automated weekly email alerts to notify MNOs about their remaining profile inventory based on their current consumption rate.

    3.     On-Demand Personalisation

    MNOs can customise profiles on demand. They can redefine profile parameters and metadata, allowing them to change network names, roaming lists and emergency calling codes as needed.

    4.     Device Blacklist

    MeSH has advanced device blacklisting capabilities. MNOs can prevent devices from downloading profiles by blocking specific eID numbers, thereby helping secure their network and prevent problematic users from consuming resources.

    5.     Online User Guide

    MeSH has an online user guide that helps MNOs better understand and utilise its functionalities and features.

    The MeSH Open eSIM Ecosystem: Breaking Down Walled Gardens

    Workz’s Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) is a robust solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional eSIM management systems. It empowers MNOs by restoring their ability to utilise and maximise the benefits of multi-vendor procurement strategies.

    Before eSIM, MNOs used multiple vendors to enhance their competitive advantage and ensure redundancy. eSIM technology meant MNOs needed to work with eSIM providers for their eSIM platform management and provision requirements. Unfortunately, eSIM platforms typically operate as walled-garden ecosystems.

    In this context, MNOs had to duplicate systems to manage distinct client types and channels. For instance, they must have different eSIM platforms to serve different device types, such as consumer, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).

    MeSH changes all this by allowing MNOs to operate, serve and manage multiple tenants, sales channels, platforms, and sites through a unified platform. It eliminates costly duplication and fosters operational efficiency.

    MeSH provides simplified management, interoperability, flexibility, customisation, and control by delivering a single interface and dashboard from which MNOs can manage multiple eSIM platforms, channels and systems. Multinational network operators can manage their eSIM services across different countries in one place. Telecommunications companies with enterprise and consumer clients and various resellers can also use MeSH to run everything from a single dashboard.

    Workz: Providing Great Value

    Workz is a leading force in the SIM and eSIM space, providing complete and certified turnkey solutions — the hardware, software and connected systems — that enable MNOs to deliver superior quality services to consumers and enterprise clients. Apart from MeSH, Workz’s solutions include an eSIM management platform, eSIM orchestration service, device entitlement server, electronic know your customer (eKYC) onboarding, M2M modules, OTA campaigns, and intelligent network switching.

    Workz can handle the entire eSIM lifecycle for consumer, M2M and IoT markets, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to address specialised requirements. Counterpoint Research’s industry report even acknowledged how Workz offers MNOs more capabilities than other eSIM providers and mentioned MeSH as an important industry innovation.

    Workz: Enabling and Powering eSIM Connectivity for MNOs

    MeSH eliminates the limitations of traditional eSIM management systems, unlocking new possibilities and facilitating the exponential growth of the eSIM market. The introduction of the MeSH 1.9 upgrade does not only enhance MeSH’s value to MNOs. It highlights Workz’s commitment to eSIM management innovation.

    Contact Workz to learn how it can help you launch and expand eSIM services in your market.


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