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    GEMS Royal Dubai School To Join New Cluster of British Schools

    GEMS Royal Dubai School

    GEMS Royal Dubai School has announced that it will join several other leading British Schools in a new professional cluster for the 2023-24 school year. The group will work together on several initiatives designed to improve teaching and learning and bring incredible opportunities to pupils within the cluster of schools.

    GEMS Royal Dubai School is set to join GEMS Jumeirah Primary School and GEMS Jumeirah College in aligning with the GEMS Wellington group of schools, a pre-existing cluster of international schools in the Middle East with a proven track record of providing outstanding education. By working together, the schools expect to emulate the Wellington group’s achievements in every aspect of school life.

    Each of the three schools in the new cluster will bring unique expertise, and by collaborating, each will strengthen the quality of education provided to all pupils. Children at GEMS Royal Dubai School can expect to benefit in multiple ways, including priority entry to Jumeirah College and the Wellington schools.

    Key benefits of the new cluster

    According to GEMS Royal Dubai School, there are clear benefits of the new cluster of schools. GEMS Royal Dubai School teachers will have the opportunity to work with staff and pupils in some of the other leading schools in Dubai.

    GEMS schools include some of the highest-performing international schools in the region. For example, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School has been rated ‘Outstanding’ in every  KHDA inspection since 2010. GEMS Royal Dubai School itself is also ranked as ‘Outstanding’ by British Schools Overseas (BSO).

    Secondary school GEMS Jumeirah College has been consistently ranked as ‘Outstanding’ by KHDA for the last ten years. GEMS Royal Dubai School was one of the first four UAE schools, alongside GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, to receive the High Performance Learning School World Class accreditation and is ranked as ‘Very Good’ by KHDA.

    Sharing professional insights

    All schools within the cluster demonstrate exceptional academic prowess.

    GEMS Royal Dubai School has a track record of attainment well above the UK benchmark in GL Assessments in English, Maths and Science. It also recently reported above UK average levels in Early Years Foundation Stage assessments. Jumeirah College is in the top 1% of schools offering GCSE and A-level around the world.

    By forming the new link between these schools, staff can share their best practices and professional expertise in how to teach across the curriculum to the very highest level.

    As part of their commitment to ensuring continuous improvement, teachers from all schools in the group will regularly meet to share ideas, what has worked well within their own schools, and the best way to move forward.

    The GEMS promise

    All schools within the cluster are overseen by GEMS Education.

    GEMS Education was founded in Dubai more than six decades ago with one mission in mind. Quality education for every learner is the promise of every school within the GEMS Education family. This sense of purpose is reflected in the high proportion of ‘Outstanding’ rated schools within the GEMS group of primary, secondary, and all-through schools teaching a variety of curriculums.

    A strong sense of community is fostered by GEMS education and the latest clustering of GEMS Royal Dubai School with others is another example of this. GEMS Education’s founder, Mr Sunny Varkey, said, ‘We have always taken great pride in the close partnership between our teachers, parents and students. It is thanks to the strength of this collaboration that we are able to deliver the best possible learning experience, the best possible learning environment, and the best possible academic outcomes’.

    GEMS Education schools are described as value-led institutions.

    Mr Varkey continues, ‘We place the greatest of importance on the simple, yet powerful human values of kindness, respect, empathy and compassion. We consider these crucial attributes that will equip our young people for the exciting yet challenging future that awaits them, enabling them to truly transform the world for the better as the change-makers they are’.

    Priority enrolment in outstanding secondary schools

    Thanks to its new professional alignment, GEMS Royal Dubai School pupils who are reaching the end of their primary education can now benefit from priority enrolment in some of Dubai’s leading secondary schools. Year 6 pupils at the school are eligible for priority entry at GEMS Jumeirah College, GEMS Wellington International School, GEMS  Wellington Academy Al Khail, and GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis.

    All these schools teach the British curriculum. The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is also offered alongside GCSE and A-level qualifications at GEMS Wellington International School and GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis.

    Students from all these GEMS schools go on to multiple elite universities in the UK such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Durham University and Imperial College, London. Many pupils also find places in leading colleges around the world, such as the Ivy League schools in the USA.

    About GEMS Royal Dubai School

    GEMS Royal Dubai School is a leading Dubai school in  Mirdif with a vibrant, welcoming campus. The school’s pupils benefit from two libraries, outdoor courts, two swimming pools, an innovation lab and a state-of-the-art ICT suite. GEMS Royal Dubai School accepts children aged 3  into their Foundation Stage 1 class and pupils can stay until the end of Year 6 at 11 years of age.

    The school’s headteacher, Jan Steel, welcomes prospective parents, saying, ‘We pride ourselves on being an extraordinary community where people matter, where a passion for excellence drives everything we do. We are committed to offering a real breadth of education, feeding our students’ minds, while caring passionately about their character development, wellbeing and happiness.’

    She continues, ‘Our outstanding staff are dedicated to delivering a rich curriculum and programme of activities that challenge our students to explore ideas for themselves, whether engaged in learning in the classroom or through musical, artistic, sporting, enterprising or charitable activities.’

    More information, including a virtual tour of the school, is available on the school website. Parents interested in securing a place at GEMS Royal Dubai School are encouraged to complete an online application as soon as possible for the next academic year.

    Deira City Centre Mall: Where Shopping Meets Entertainment

    Deira City Centre

    Deira City Centre Shopping Mall in Dubai has been a be­loved shopping and entertainme­nt destination for 25 years. Its iconic status has transformed the retail landscape, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

    A Pioneer in Dubai’s Retail Landscape

    City Centre­ Deira Mall, or Deira City Centre­, holds the distinction of being one of Dubai’s pione­ering malls. Since its inception, it has significantly influe­nced the retail sce­ne in Dubai. Apart from just being a place to shop, it represents retail innovation and offers various experiences beyond regular shopping.

    A World of Shopping Under One Roof

    Deira Mall is a busy shopping center with over 370 stores selling a wide range of products and brands. When you go to the mall, you’ll find a big shopping place with options for everyone’s tastes and budgets.

    Shops In Deira City Centre

    Fashion and Apparel:

    The mall is home­ to a variety of fashion and apparel stores, offe­ring options for every budget. You can find expensive and cheap stores like H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Cotton On, Superdry, Max, and Splash.

    Jewelry and Accessories:

    If you’re looking for je­welry and accessories, the­ mall has a wide range of options to choose from. You’ll find luxury brands like­ Damas and Swarovski as well as more affordable options like­ Pandora and Lovisa.

    Health and Beauty:

    There­ are several type­s of health and beauty stores available­, including pharmacies, cosmetics shops, and specialty store­s. You can find popular brands like Sephora, Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, and Boots Pharmacy.

    Electronics and Gadgets:

    Tech e­nthusiasts will delight in the variety of e­lectronic stores located within the­ mall. Explore tech options at Apple, Samsung, Virgin Megastore, Jumbo Electronics, Sharaf DG.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max At Apple Store In Dubai

    Home and Lifestyle:

    City Centre­ Deira Mall is the perfe­ct destination for all your home and lifestyle­ needs. Whethe­r you’re looking for furniture, home décor, or kitche­nware, you’ll find it all here. Don’t miss out on visiting popular store­s like Home Centre­, Centrepoint, and Daiso Japan.

    Carrefour Supermarket:

    RephraseThe Carre­four supermarket offers a conve­nient and diverse shopping experience. You can find e­verything you need, from fre­sh produce to household goods, all in one place. Additionally, there’s an in-store bake­ry and coffee shop available for those moments when you crave a snack while­ shopping.

    Dining Delights

    Shopping is not the only indulgence at City Centre Deira Mall; the dining options are equally enticing.

    Deira City Centre Food Court:

    The food court provide­s a wide variety of dining options, catering to diffe­rent tastes and prefe­rences. There are popular fast food places such as McDonald’s and KFC. Additionally, there are other options available like Subway, Biryani Factory, and Man’oushe Street.

    Deira City Centre food court

    Cafes and Coffee Shops:

    To have a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, go to the mall. You’ll find an array of charming cafes and inviting coffe­e shops to choose from. Some be­loved options include Starbucks, Costa Coffee­, Tim Hortons, and Paul Café.

    Casual and Fine Dining:

    The mall has many casual and fancy restaurants, such as Chili’s and Nando’s, for those seeking a more sophisticated dining experience.

    International Cuisine:

    The mall offe­rs a wide selection of inte­rnational cuisine options. Experience diverse cuisines: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern restaurants await!

    Entertainment and Leisure

    City Centre­ Deira Mall offers more than just shopping and dining. It is a vibrant hub of e­ntertainment and leisure­ activities.

    VOX Cinemas:

    Experie­nce the latest blockbuste­r movies at VOX Cinemas, where­ you’ll find cutting-edge scree­ns and cozy seating. Indulge in a variety of snacks and re­freshing beverage­s for a complete movie-going e­xperience.

    Magic Planet:

    Magic Planet is a thrilling e­ntertainment destination that guarante­es fun for the entire­ family. With a wide range of arcade game­s, exciting rides, and captivating attractions, there­’s something for everyone­ to enjoy. Experience­ the exhilaration of bumper cars or bounce­ around on trampolines. Additionally, younger children can have­ a blast in the safe and engaging soft play are­a.

    Looking for a quick and exhilarating game­ of bowling? Look no further than the Highway 66 Mini Bowling lanes at Magic Plane­t. This place is perfect for a fun night out with friends or family. It offers the same amount of fun in less time.

    Convenience and Services

    At City Centre Deira Mall, convenience is a top priority.

    Deira City Centre Inside

    Customer Service Desk:

    If you need assistance or have any concerns at the mall, our customer service desk is available to help you.

    ATMs and Currency Exchange:

    The mall has ATMs and currency exchange services for your convenience. They spread out throughout the complex.


    The designers of City Centre Deira Mall have ensured accessibility for individuals using wheelchairs. The mall has ramps and elevators in place­, ensuring easy navigation throughout the pre­mises. Additionally, accessible re­strooms are available for man and women’s

    Prayer Rooms:

    Prayer rooms for both men and women are available in the mall, ensuring a comfortable experience for all visitors.


    The mall provides plenty of parking options, including covered and outdoor spaces. Valet parking services are also available for added convenience.

    Explore Beyond the Deira City Centre Mall

    Other points of interest surround City Centre Deira Mall, making it more than just a standalone attraction.

    Main Enterance Of Mall

    Nearby Attractions:

    Explore Dubai Creek, Al Seef, and Al Fahidi Bur Dubai Historical Neighborhood to uncover cultural gems beyond the mall. These­ vibrant areas provide visitors with unforgettable­ cultural experience­s.


    For tourists and shoppers, there are several hotels in proximity to the mall. Options include Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, Novotel Deira City Centre, and ibis Deira City Centre.

    Tips for Your Visit

    Here are some handy tips to enhance your City Centre Deira Mall experience:

    1. Visit on Weekdays:

    To avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience, plan your visit during weekdays.

    2. Stay Informed:

    To know about sales and events, check the mall’s website and follow their social media pages regularly.

    3. Connect:

    Don’t forget to take advantage of the mall’s free Wi-Fi during your visit.

    Opening Hours

    The regular opening hours at City Centre Deira are as follows:


    Sunday to Wednesday (10 am to 10 pm) / Thursday to Saturday (10 am to 12 midnight)


    Sunday to Wednesday (9 am to 12 midnight) / Thursday to Friday (9 am to 1 am)

    Magic Planet:

    Sunday to Wednesday (10 am to 11 pm) / Thursday to Friday (10 am to 12 midnight)

    VOX Cinemas:

    Daily (10 am to 1 am)


    Saturday to Thursday (9 am to 9 pm)

    Getting Deira City Centre

    You have several options to reach City Center Deira Mall:

    By Dubai Metro:

    To reach the­ Deira City Centre Metro Station, simply take the red line­. The mall is conveniently locate­d just a short distance from the station. If you exit from Exit 1 on the­ east side, you’ll find yourself dire­ctly at City Centre Deira Dubai.

    Dubai Metro Train Inside

    Deira City Centre By Bus:

    If you’re looking to re­ach Deira City Centre Mall by bus, the­re are multiple conve­nient options. The mall has many buses that stop outside the Deira City Centre Bus Station for easy access. These route­s include C7, X28, 29, 33, 42, 48, and C9.

    By Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services:

    Getting around Dubai is easy with taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Careem readily accessible. To go to City Centre Deira Mall, just enter it as your destination and have a stress-free journey.

    Deira City Centre By Car:

    The mall provide­s plenty of parking spaces, including covere­d and outdoor options. Valet parking services are­ also available.

    Services for those who prefer a more convenient experience.

    Experience City Centre Deira Mall – More Than Just a Mall

    City Centre­ Deira Mall isn’t just a place to shop; it’s a vibrant world of discovery. City Centre Deira offers convenient transportation, parking, and various services, making shopping affordable and enjoyable.

    Visit City Centre Deira in Dubai for an amazing shopping experience, no matter how you decide to travel. And if you’re­ a fan of Filipino cuisine, you’re in luck! Dubai boasts a number of fantastic Pinoy re­staurants like Jollibee and Little­ Manila Express.

    Deira City Centre Contact Information

    Deira City Centre by Majid Al Futtaim

    • Address: 8th St., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Telephone: +971 4 209 3105
    • Website: (https://www.citycentredeira.com/)
    • Facebook: (http://www.facebook.com/CityCentreDeira)
    • Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/citycentredeira)

    Google Map Location

    Discover a vibrant shopping de­stination that perfectly embodie­s the dynamic spirit of Dubai – City Centre De­ira Mall. Enjoy a great shopping experience, discover amazing retail outlets, electronic stores, try delicious food, and enjoy exciting entertainment options.

    DU Recharge Online And Offline Process

    DU Recharge

    There are several ways to recharge your DU prepaid balance on your phone:

    1. DU Online Recharge
    2. My Account and Auto Recharge
    3. DU Mobile App
    4. Scratch Cards, Easy Top-Ups, and e-Vouchers
    5. Payment Machines
    6. Credit Transfers

    Instant Online Recharge

    If you have access to the Internet, this is the easiest way you can recharge your mobile prepaid balance.

    • Visit the official web page of DU Telecom
    • Enter your mobile number and pay by debit or credit card option.

    My Account And Auto Recharge

    This online method not only allows you to recharge / top up your credits but also allows you to renew your credentials, check your daily usage, pay bills, track payments and much more.

    General Usage Tips

    DU Balance Recharge By Mobile App

    You can also check your outgoing and remaining prepaid account balance with the same credentials that you enter in the My Account section on the website. However, there are more options and features available to you if you check your account using the du mobile app.

    One of the benefits you can get from using the Doo app is to set up an automatic payment facility so that you do not lose your bills.

    You can also take advantage of the app’s free mobile payment facility, which is available to both prepaid and postpaid users.

    You can also take advantage of the app’s free mobile payment facility, which is available to both prepaid and postpaid users.

    The DU app is available for download on the Google Play Store, App Store as well as the App Gallery.

    Scratch Cards, Easy Top-Ups, and e-Vouchers

    du eVouchers and offers a wide range of scratch cards. You can recharge your prepaid credit with options from AED 25 to AED 525 as per your requirements.

    Du Balance Recharge By Payment Machines

    You also have option to recharge or top up your DU prepaid account through Electric payment machines available across the UAE. There are more then 92 shops that allow you to recharge your DU account through these payment machines.

    Credit Transfers (One2One Service)

    This feature allows you to transfer credit from your mobile to any other prepaid subscriber anytime, anywhere. It is available for consumer prepaid voice plans (Pay As You Go, Alo, New Alo, VML, and Extra Social) as well as postpaid subscribers and mobile prepaid customers with prepaid wallets on Elite and Emirati plans.

    To use this feature, you can perform any of the following methods:

    Option 1:

    • Dial * 121 * [mobile number of Recipient] * [Amount in AED #
    • Press 1 to confirm the transaction or press 2 to cancel.

    Option 2:

    • Dial * 121 #
    • Enter the recipient’s mobile number.
    • Enter the amount in AED.
    • You need to wait you will receive a confirmation message from DU for the transaction you made.

    Option 3:

    • Dial *135#
    • For One2One Transfer, select Option 2, enter the mobile number after which the money is to be transferred to AED.
    • You need to wait you will receive a confirmation message from DU for the transaction you made.

    DU Balance Check In One Minute

    Useful Tips For Using Du’s Roaming Services

    When traveling from the UAE, it’s easy to take advantage of du’s roaming services so you can keep your lines of communication open wherever you are in the world. Du has an extensive partner network in 250 countries around the world. Here are some things you should know to take advantage of du’s roaming services:

    Before Starting Your Trip

    1. Before buying a bundle package, check out the du’s preferred partners in the country you are traveling to to suit your travel needs.
    2. To get du roaming services abroad, you must have a 3G / 4G / 5G phone.
    3. You can check about phone’s data roaming option is enabled:
    4. Go to Settings> Data Roaming.
    5. Turn on data roaming.
    6. To check if your line’s roaming status is active, send SMS ‘Roaming’ to 5102.
    7. Set a PIN for your phone and SIM in case they are lost or stolen.

    During Your Trip

    1. Restart your phone once you reach the destination country.
    2. Once you will restart your phone, your phone will automatically connect to one of the available local network in the country where you are. If this will not work, then you can manually configure the network setting and you can connect to any of available networks through your phone’s settings.
    3. As soon as you turn on your phone in the country you are visiting, you will receive a welcome message from them.
    4. Anytime you want to check your data balance, you can use the du app or visit their online portal: mydata.du.ae.
    5. You will receive an SMS notification once you have used 70%, 80%, and 100% of your bundle.
    6. In case you will lost your phone or stolen, you can immediately report it to the du hotline service by calling +971555678155 so that they can call your line for 5 days to prevent misuse of your line.

    General Usage Tips

    • When calling back to UAE, replace the first 0 with +971.
    • To dial +, hold down 0 until the plus sign (+) appears.
    • When calling numbers within the country visited, replace 0 with the designated code of the country visited.
    • Be sure to check the emergency numbers of the country you visited before your trip so you don’t have to dial a specific area code before the emergency number.
    • You can make voice and video calls to Internet applications using du roaming data bundles.
    • During your travels or stays abroad, you can always top up your prepaid line using the du app or Quick Recharge. You can also pay your bills through the du app or using the
    • Quick Pay option on du’s official website.
    • To access your voice mail, dial +971555678161. Charges are the same when you call back in the UAE.

    Economic Impact of Trading Activities in the UAE

    Trading Activities in UAE

    The UAE has traditionally been known as an oil-rich region that relies heavily on oil exports to keep its economy going. It is aware of what is happening in the world because it is very connected, and it has started reducing its reliance on oil as it prepares for a world that will be less reliant on fossil fuels. One of the areas it is interested in and has invested heavily in is trading.

    The Dubai financial markets are already trading more than $5 trillion daily, while non-oil trade between the UAE and other countries has grown by 2% in 2023. Such trading has significant economic effects on the region that we will explore in this article.

    GDP Growth

    GDP (Gross Domestic Product) measures the value of all final goods and services produced in a country or region. With its continuing growth, trading now contributes significantly to the UAE’s GDP.

    The region’s financial sector, which includes asset management, banking, foreign investments, forex trading activities in UAE, and more, has grown significantly. This has happened with the help of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), which has set up regulatory measures to create a better trading and investment environment tailored to attract investors and traders.

    Job Creation

    As the UAE’s financial sector grows, it needs qualified people to handle different roles and responsibilities. This demand has led to the creation of numerous job positions in areas such as regulatory oversight, asset management, banking, and investment.

    In addition to attracting local talent, the UAE also attracts skilled professionals from around the world who also contribute to its GDP.

    Increased Cash Inflows

    One of the most significant impacts of trading on UAE markets is a healthy inflow of foreign funds. The conducive trading environment and strict regulations attract foreign investors can use brokers like HF Markets for forex trading and other investments. These cash inflows are crucial for economic growth and provide vital cash reserves that ensure economic stability.

    Oil prices are volatile, hence a push to reduce reliance on the commodity. This volatility affects local currencies, but vital foreign cash reserves help stabilize them.

    Attracting Foreign Investments

    Seeing how successful its financial services sector has been in the last few decades, multinational companies are opening new locations in the UAE to take advantage of this. These companies are also looking to take advantage of UAE’s business-friendly environment and strategic location, both crucial in trades and investments outside the financial services sector.

    Trading Activities in UAE outside the financial sector has also led to other developments that contribute to economic growth. For example, the UAE has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure and will continue to do so in the coming decades as it strengthens its position in the region.

    New Technologies and Innovations

    Dubai and other cities are feeling pressure to meet the demand associated with a growing financial and trading sector. The solution they have come up with is developing new technologies and innovations that help them meet today and tomorrow’s needs. These technologies are already being used in other sectors, further increasing their net benefits.

    The UAE is becoming a global financial and trading hub that does not want to only be known for its oil. It has created a trading and business environment that attracts foreign investments and leads to job creation, GDP growth, and other economic benefits.

    Top 5 things to consider before dining in cruise

    dining in cruise

    Dining in cruise provides a pleasant experience which can not be missed. If the cruise is Dubai dhow cruise marina then you can get arabic and international cuisines. The quality of food on board is unbelievable. Cruise service providers take care of every meal ranging from tempting appetizers to decadent desserts to make it the best food to enjoy. Many cruises do not only provide three meals but you can eat food all day at any time you need. It is important for cruise ships to provide a wide range of meals to their users as they are carrying many guests. Every dining provides a different experience but most cruise lines stick to their traditional meal with few differences. dhow marina cruise is a service provider to book your ride on cruise.

    Here is a general guideline to dining on high sea:

    Traditional Dining

    Even the most premium cruise lines have opened arrangements for breakfast and Lunch but they provide two separate timings for dinner. First one is early or main dining is generally between 6 pm to 6:30 pm. Those who like to go to bed earlier can choose this dining time. You can recommend to guests traveling with small children to stick to meal timing.

    The Late dining options usually take place between 8 to 8:45pm. Middle Eastern guests prefer the late dining as they do not want to feel rushed for dinner. You can book your traveling journey  on dhow marina cruise for the best dining option.

    Freestyle Dining

    Some cruises offer alternative dining options as compared to traditional Early and Late seating options. The timings are fixed in traditional dining. In freestyle dining you can eat whenever the guest wants , where they want to eat. This type of dining is also called my choice dining. The flexible dining option allows guests to pick when they dine in the main dining room onboard on a daily basis, giving them more freedom to spend their days as they choose, such as spending more time in a specific port of call one day and dining later that evening than another.

    Casual Dining

    If your guests choose not to dress properly for the dinner, they might opt for informal dining. Most cruise lines have informal dining, including a buffet-style supper and the option to order from a menu with table service (in the evening). This is the greatest option for visitors who do not want to worry about packing formal clothing.

    Alternate Dining

    In most cruise ships there are other alternative restaurants so you can eat items according to your choice. You do not need to pay extra charges for dining and buffet to cruise liners.

    The main famous themes of these special and boutique restaurants include italian ristorante, French bistro, Asian sushi bar and american steakhouse and much more. Your guests can comfort themselves from the choice of specialty and cafes on board new and young ships. dhow marina cruise offers  the best dining services on cruise.

    Healthy Options

    People who are concerned about their diets can also find options on cruise ships. Such dining options provide low fat and low calories meals. All such cruises offer healthy alternative menus. Any type of guest who wants a low fat, salt and cholesterol control diet can get it from the cruise dining menu.

    Table size

    You can book a table on cruise before on boarding you are given a choice to select between small, medium or large tables at dinner. A small table is enough for 2 to 4 people, a medium table is for 6 to 8 guests and a large one for 8 to 10 guests. It’s good to book your dining seat before arriving so that the cruise liner can arrange your table according to it with similar age groups, families with other families , singles with singles and honeymooners with other honeymooners for the best experience they can gain from cruise dining. dhow marina cruise provides the cruising services along with sighting of marvelous architecture.

    Landing at Bengaluru International Airport: An Easy Way for Emirati Citizens to Acquire a Visa on Arrival

    Bengaluru International Airport

    Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, commonly referred to as Bangalore International Airport, provides an ideal gateway to one of India’s vibrant cities. As your flight descends towards its bustling metropolis, excitement builds. When your aircraft finally touches down in Bangalore Airport, anticipation grows even further and your journey begins right from when you step foot inside its doorway!

    As your plane taxis towards its gate, as you catch glimpses of Kempegowda International Airport’s modern architecture you are welcomed by its world-class design and meticulous attention to detail that showcase India’s progress and admiration for aesthetics. Stepping off your plane you are welcomed by its warm and inviting environment for an effortless transition from aircraft into terminal.

    As you stroll through the terminal, it is hard to ignore its spacious and efficient layout. Clear signage guides you smoothly towards immigration where, if you are an Emirati national, a pleasant surprise may await you.

    Natvisa provides Emirati citizens with a step-by-step process for applying for India visa on arrival for Emarati citizens with Natvisa. Who are Natvisa? An online visa processing platform designed to streamline visa application procedures worldwide, Natvisa allows travelers to submit necessary documentation quickly, receive timely updates and acquire their visa without hassles or complications – creating an effortless experience between travelers and destinations! Natvisa ensures a smooth and effortless visa acquisition experience!

    Once visa formalities have been satisfactorily completed, travelers can proceed to the main terminal. Equipped with numerous facilities and services designed to enhance travelers’ journeys, this terminal features spacious departure lounges as an oasis for rest before embarking on the next leg of their trip.

    Kempegowda International Airport provides everything you need, from retail therapy and delicious cuisine, to comfortable spaces where you can do business. Whatever you require for relaxation and productivity – shopping, dining out, working from home – Kempegowda has got it covered.

    Shopaholics will find great pleasure in the wide range of duty-free stores offering international brands as well as local treasures at this terminal, from luxury fashion boutiques to traditional handicraft shops. Additionally, make sure to explore vibrant Indian marketplaces where you can discover unique souvenirs while immersing yourself in its rich cultural history.

    When you arrive at the airport, if you need sustenance after your journey, there is an impressive collection of restaurants and cafes offering delicious South Indian delicacies as well as global cuisines to satisfy your palette.

    Experience authentic Indian hospitality while indulging in aroma-filled dosas, flavor-rich biryanis or delicious street food prepared using only premium ingredients.

    Airport facilities offer various amenities to cater to business travelers’ professional needs, with high-speed Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal so you can stay productive and connected while conducting your professional duties.

    Dedicate business lounges feature comfortable seating, charging stations and meeting rooms to support your professional endeavors.

    As you approach your gate at Bengaluru International Airport, a vibrant art display greets you. Showcasing local artists’ talent, it adds both creativity and cultural charm to the terminal, reminding us that Bengaluru embraces innovation while cherishing its longstanding artistic traditions.

    As you await departure at your designated gate, take a moment to reflect upon your experience at Kempegowda International Airport. From its easy visa-on-arrival process for Emirati citizens to the services available within its terminal, every aspect has been designed for maximum comfort and enjoyment of every journey – it truly captures the spirit of Bengaluru: effortlessly merging tradition with modernity, innovation with culture, hospitality with efficiency!

    Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru provides seamless connections to other parts of India and beyond, serving several international airlines like Emirates, Etihad Airways, British Airways, and Singapore Airlines among many others.

    With direct flights to several international locations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Singapore – an airport offers travelers convenient stops while opening doors to Asia’s emerging markets.

    Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru’s commitment to sustainability adds another level of charm. As the first airport in India to use solar power for its operations, Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru reduces carbon emissions while meeting India’s renewable energy goals and contributing to water conservation initiatives and waste reduction goals. Furthermore, water conservation measures and initiatives reflect its dedication to building a more eco-friendly future.

    Kempegowda International Airport provides luxurious airport lounges for passengers seeking additional pampering and relaxation, featuring comfortable seating, shower facilities, gourmet dining options, and serene ambience to provide travelers with a tranquil and rejuvenating experience before or after flights.

    As you leave Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru behind, be prepared for an adventure that lies beyond its walls. Let the memories of its exceptional services and Bengaluru’s beauty remain with you as you embark on a journey that promises to delight all five senses and leave you longing for more.

    Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru promises travelers an enjoyable and comfortable journey that encapsulates the eclectic spirit of Bengaluru. From visa-on-arrival procedures for Emirati citizens, art displays and cultural souvenirs to modern facilities – Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru provides travelers with everything they need for a pleasant journey that encapsulates Bengaluru’s vibrant culture, technology and natural beauty.

    By choosing Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru as your point of entry to India’s Silicon Valley, your journey of discovery begins instantly.

    Hafilat Card Recharge Online Complete Process

    Hafilat Card Recharge Hafilat Card Top up

    The Department of Integrated Transport Center (ITC) recently shared new information on how to Recharge Hafilat Card.

    Are you unsure how to access public transportation in Abu Dhabi? You need to buy a Hafilat card to travel on the public bus system and you’ll be required to know how to top up your Hafilat card online, making your journey simpler.

    The Hafilat Card is a rechargeable smart card that passengers can use to pay for bus travel within Abu Dhabi. The Municipal Department and Integrated Transport Center (ITC) of Transportation recently announced new information on how to recharge your Hafilat card using online services in Abu Dhabi through the ITC or Darbi websites. is available to further simplify the process.

    How To Recharge Hafilat Card? Top Up Hafilat Card Online

    To learn more about how users can top up their cards with credit using an easy online process follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Go to the Hafilat Online Services Website

    Once you have logged on to the Hafilat recharge website you will see an option to sign in the middle. On the right side, you’ll be able to register and recharge, as well as pay fines. It is important to note that you don’t have to sign up unless you’d like to have a personal Hafilat account. Simply click the button for recharge to top up the balance on your Hafilat card.

    Hafilat Card Recharge Online Step 1

    Step 2: Enter details

    Time to enter some details. First fill in your card’s serial number. This is what can find on the back of your Hafilat card. The system has filled in with the number 01. Therefore, make sure that the page shows an green checkmark before going on.

    How To Recharge Hafilat Card Step 2

    If you have any issues, get an error message, or can’t see the green check mark, manually enter the serial number (including the 01) and press OK.

    You might be interested in: How to Check Hafilat Card Balance

    Step 3: Choose the amount

    You will be able see your current balance on the details section. Select the recharge option, and choose the amount you’d like by selecting the drop-down menu. You can select between the amounts of Dhs10 up to Dhs100 with multiples of five. Make your choice and then proceed.

    Abu Dhabi Bus Card

    Step 4: Add to basket

    You will receive a “Product added to your cart” message and a button to open your cart or checkout. The cart will display all the items you have selected to purchase. To pay with a credit card, review the terms of service in the box, enter your email, and click the payment button. You will be directed to the payment webpage.

    To increase your balance, click the second button at the lower left corner to complete your purchase. Then, repeat the previous step.

    Step 5: Make Payment


    The payment page works like a regular payment page. You need to enter your card details and follow the steps for online transactions. Some cards require an additional step for verification. Users need to enter a password once to confirm their payment.

    Step 6: Confirmation

    If you have successfully made a settlement, you’ll be notified of your order number as well as a text message as well as an email with a confirmation. Be aware that it could take as long as 48 hours to see your credit show in your balance. If you are planning to travel with a shorter notice, make use of one of the kiosks to recharge your card.

    You can Buy Hafilat card in Abu Dhabi at the numerous Bus stations as well as convenience stores or from ticket vending machines that are located around the city and use in any public buses of Abu Dhabi bus service.

    How to top up a Hafilat card Abu Dhabi bus driving next to palm trees

    Types Of Hafilat Cards

    The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) now offers passes for students, seniors, and tourists who travel on a monthly or weekly basis on Abu Dhabi Bus service, below are some Hafilat passes:

    • T-PURSE

    How to Maximize Your ROI with Turkish Real Estate Investment?

    Turkish Real Estate Investment

    How Can You Maximize Your Return with Turkish Real Estate Investment? Real estate investment is an excellent way to generate passive income, and with globalization increasing accessibility, investing abroad has never been more attractive. Thanks to an abundance of data available for investors to make informed decisions based on research. Turkey with its unique geographical location and off-plan property in Turkey from developers has become highly desirable for property investment due to the country’s thriving economy, surge of tourists, and rapid population expansion; drawing in investors from around the globe.

    Why Invest in Turkish Real Estate?

    Turkey boasts an ancient and diverse past and culture, making it an attractive tourist destination from all corners of the globe. Tourists have long been drawn to this country as it provides ample opportunity for exploration and discovery. Tourism’s growth has created an increased need for housing solutions as well as potential investment opportunities in property. Turkish government initiatives to boost their economy through incentivizing certain policies have resulted in increased foreign investments and real estate market expansion, as well as easier access to other global markets – providing businesses with an ideal launching pad to expand globally.

    Types of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

    Aspiring real estate investors looking to enter Turkey’s real estate market can take advantage of numerous investment options available in Turkey’s real estate market.

    Residential Complexes Under Construction

    One of the most frequent forms of real estate investments are residential complexes under construction. Their off-plan properties offer investors an attractive chance to buy at discounted prices – making this type of building an economical decision.

    Purchase New Buildings Directly From Developer

    Direct buying from developers is another cost-cutting strategy, cutting out middlemen such as real estate agents. New buildings also provide fresh living spaces equipped with cutting-edge amenities that attract young professionals as well as families alike.
    Investors may select from various residential properties, including flats, apartments and duplexes depending on their investment strategy.

    Key Considerations when Investing in Turkish Real Estate for Sale

    In order to maximize your return on investment in Turkey, several aspects must be carefully taken into consideration when investing in Turkish real estate for sale. Location plays an essential role as it affects rental value, demand, and resale value – areas near public transport links or amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers or attractions are highly sought-after investments.

    Also, investors must carefully consider the price and cost of property investments. While new, fresh properties may seem attractive, their initial cost may exceed established ones. Therefore, conducting an exhaustive market analysis for investors looking for undervalued assets with potential appreciation is highly advised prior to investing any capital. Doing your due diligence before investing any capital is of the utmost importance.

    Investment in properties in Turkey can be an intricate process for non-citizens. Legal requirements may be daunting and make starting the process daunting, making it hard to get underway. Therefore, investors should consult local legal experts who can guide them through it all and avoid any legal pitfalls or surprises along the way. They should also perform due diligence on all properties being considered before committing their money.

    Steps for Maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) in Turkey

    Its For maximum ROI when investing in Turkish real estate, investors need a carefully planned and strategic approach. Before diving in headfirst into any project, conducting extensive research and analysis are key – property aggregators like Yekta Homes can be used as invaluable tools in evaluating markets across the country; by tracking market behavior and trends as well as selecting ideal locations that suit their business. It is vital that investors understand all legal requirements before proceeding with their venture.

    Building relationships with real estate professionals such as real estate agents, developers and property managers can assist investors in finding the best investments. Investors should look out for undervalued properties with potential for growth as well as negotiate successfully when conducting transactions to reduce initial costs of investing.

    By taking care to manage and care for the property, you can ensure its value remains or increases over time.


    Turkish Real Estate Investment offers investors attractive returns. There are various investment options available to them, from participating in ongoing residential projects to buying directly from developers or participating in new building projects.

    When investing in real estate in Turkey, it’s essential to take a comprehensive approach by considering factors like location, cost, legal requirements and risk management. Making informed decisions regarding these elements can significantly improve the odds of success – with smart strategy enabling investors to reap enormous returns in Turkey’s real estate sector.

    How To Recharge NOL Card Top Up Online Offline

    Nol card recharge online

    Recharging your RTA NOL Card has never been simpler! You can now reload online, through smartphone apps, or at certain stores, thanks to convenient methods available to you. In this guide we’ll walk through each step needed to NOL card recharge effortlessly.

    NOL Card Recharge Online

    1. Navigating RTA’s Portal for Online NOL Card Recharge and
    2. Provide your NOL Card tag ID and email ID.

    NOL card recharge online 1

    3. Confirm the recharge amount before paying.

    NOL card recharge online 2

    You need at least 7.5 AED to use the NOL Card. To use the NOL Card, you need to have a minimum of balance is 7.5 AED. You can only load maximum of 1,000 AED for anonymous card and 5,000 AED for a registered cards.

    Check Your NOL Card Balance Online

    Keep track of your card balance quickly and conveniently by accessing its balance online.

    NOL Card Top Up By Mobile Phone

    How to recharge nol card online with mobile phone

    Another simple and efficient method of NOL Card recharge is via the S’hail App on your mobile phone. Here’s how:

    1. Download and install the S’hail App from either App Store or Play Store.
    2. Once installed, grant camera access for use within the app.
    3. Register on the app.
    4. Log into your account and choose to “Top up.”
    5. Add Your NOL Card By Clicking the “Add +” Button

    In-Store NOL Card Recharge

    If online methods don’t suit your preferences, recharge your Card at various locations around town such as:

    Local Zoom Stores

    Standalone Stores Enoc/Eppco Stores Al Talal Market (Sharjah).

    This service is available at 50 locations across Dubai, making it easier for you to recharge your Bus Card.

    Top Up NOL Card at Metro and Bus Stations/Bus Stops

    RTA Card Top Up By Ticket Vending Machine

    NOL Card machines are available in Dubai and Sharjah at Metro Stations and bus stations, bus stops, and solar parking machines. They make it easy to top up your card while on the move. Simply follow these steps for quick top up:

    1. Simply place your Road and Transport Authority (RTA)Card on the machine to view its current balance and card type.

    2. Choose to recharge with either card type and top up amount as you would normally. 3. Complete payment; once complete a “Print Receipt” screen will display to confirm your successful recharge!

    Remember not to remove your NOL Card until the “get a print receipt” screen has appeared.


    1. Where Can I Recharge My NOL Card in Sharjah?

    You can recharge your NOL Card at various locations throughout Sharjah, such as Enoc/Eppco Stores and Al Talal Market.

    2. What Is the Minimum Balance Requirement of NOL Cards?

    The lowest amount of money needed for an NOL Card is 7.5 AED. You can top up anonymous cards with a maximum of 1,000 AED, while registered cards can go up to 5,000 AED.

    3. Can I Recharge My RTA Card Online Instantaneously?

    Yes, online recharge of an NOL Card is a quick and seamless process.

    4. Can I Top Up My NOL Card with Debit or Credit Cards?

    Yes, both debit and credit cards may be used to top-up your NOL Card.

    5. Is There an Available NOL Card?

    Unfortunately, there are currently no digital NOL cards available – however physical NOL cards can still be used at various metro gates, ticket vending machines and ticket offices.

    Unveiling iPhone 15 Pro Max Price In UAE Features And Specs


    Apple has officially unveiled their latest masterpiece: the iPhone 15 Pro Max! Prepare yourself for an unbelievable technological marvel that offers exciting new features and upgrades! For those in Dubai and UAE, iPhone 15 Pro Max price in UAE for this masterpiece makes it accessible.

    A17 Pro Chip: Powering the Future

    Under its hood, the iPhone 15 Pro Max features the ground-breaking A17 Pro chip. Crafted on a 3nm process, this processor offers unparalleled performance for gamers. A new 6-core GPU with Ray Tracing support also delivers an unparalleled gaming experience on mobile.

    Titanium Frame Excellence

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium Frame

    At the core of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is innovation, beginning with its frame made of titanium that’s not only lighter but stronger than ever before. When held in your hand, you’ll instantly feel its difference.

    The Action Button: A Game Changer

    Be prepared to experience an entirely new way of using your phone! With the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s revolutionary Action button, redefining how we interact with phones has never been simpler. Not just for muting calls; now this button serves as your shortcut to launch camera apps, voice recorders, or any app imaginable instantly at your fingertips.

    USB-C: Speed and Versatility

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Type C Charging

    Say goodbye to slow transfers! Thanks to USB-C charging and support for USB 3, you can reach blazing-fast speeds of 10 Gbps – perfect for quickly transferring files directly to Mac or external storage. It will boost productivity.

    USB-C: Unlocking the Future

    Switching to USB-C is more than a trend; it’s an assertion. Offering speeds up to 10Gbps and support for USB 3, USB-C is the future of connectivity.

    Battery Life and Charging: What You Should Expect

    Although official details on its battery are yet to be released, the iPhone 15 Pro Max looks set to impress with its video playback endurance and Qi2 MagSafe wireless charging features.

    Cameras that Transform Photography

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max redefines photography. Boasting 48MP main and 5x optical zoom cameras, as well as Night mode powered by Photonic Engine and Portrait mode features that help capture precious memories like never before.

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera

    Photography Revamp

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max goes beyond simply capturing moments; it creates memories. The 48MP main camera boasts a larger sensor for optimal image quality. In low light situations, its Photonic engine delivers 24MP photos that blend intricate details with vibrant hues – and two times better low-light performance in portrait mode!

    Expand Your Zoom Lens Like Never Before

    Photography enthusiasts rejoice! The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers 5x optical zoom with 120mm focal length. Boasting a 25% larger telephoto sensor and employing a petra-prism design for enhanced light reflection, creating outstanding image clarity.

    3D Spatial Videos: A New Reality

    Experience the future of video with Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max and experience mesmerizing 3D Spatial Videos that you can later watch through an Apple Vision headset, available later this year.

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Price In UAE And Availability 

    So let’s talk numbers: the iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1,199 with 256GB of storage available from launch. Pre-orders begin on September 15, with release scheduled for September 22. Here lies your ticket into the future of smartphones!

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Price In UAE

    Apple Has Established Reasonable Pricing worldwide

    Contrary to rumor, Apple has made sure the pricing for the new iPhone 14 Pro Max remains reasonable. The base model starts at just $1,199 for an impressive 256GB storage capacity – matching last year’s pricing structure perfectly.

    Apple iPhone 15 Price In UAE

    This mobile is available both locally and online stores in UAE (Dubai).

    Official Prices In Dubai UAE

    6GB + 128GB AED 3,399
    6GB + 256GB AED 3,799
    6GB + 512GB AED 4,649

    Apple iPhone 15 Plus Price in UAE (Dubai)

    Official Prices In Dubai UAE

    6GB + 128GB AED 3,799
    6GB + 256GB AED 4,199
    6GB + 512GB AED 5,049

    Apple iPhone 15 Pro Price In UAE (Dubai)

    Official Prices In Dubai UAE

    8GB + 128GB AED 4,299
    8GB + 256GB AED 4,699
    8GB + 512GB AED 5,549
    8GB + 1024GB AED 6,399

    Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Price In UAE (Dubai)

    Official Prices In Dubai UAE

    8GB + 256GB AED 5,099
    8GB + 512GB AED 5,949
    8GB + 1024GB AED 6,799

    iPhone 15 Pro Max: Quick Menu

    1. Cheat Sheet 2. Specifications 3 Release dates Prices Displays 6.0 Display Designs 6.1 Design Features 7 USB C Cameras 9. A17 Pro 10 Battery and Charging 11 Software Installation 12 Outlook 2023.

    Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max stands as an icon of innovation in an age where smartphones dominate daily lives. Not simply an upgrade; this leap forward is showcased at their September Apple Event event with features like its 5x telephoto camera lens proving itself as its centerpiece.

    Sneak Peek at What’s to Come

    While we eagerly anticipate its release, let’s take a moment and envision its possibilities. The iPhone 15 Pro Max promises an unparalleled experience with its captivating OLED display, tough ceramic shield, and magnificent Action button.

    A17 Pro Chipset: Power and Efficiency

    The A17 Pro chipset provides unparalleled performance. Boasting a 3nm process and six-core GPU, its threenm process creates unprecedented gaming and multimedia experiences.

    Software as the Foundation of Innovation

    Launching with iOS 17, the iPhone 15 Pro Max promises an exceptional user experience through new features like its Journal app and Live Voicemail capabilities.

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Specs


    Size: 6.7 inches
    Resolution: 2796 x 1290 pixels, 460 PPI
    Technology: OLED
    Refresh rate: 120Hz
    Screen-to-body: 89.75 %
    Peak brightness: 2000 cd/m2 (nit)
    Features: Super Retina XDR, HDR support, Oleophobic coating, Scratch-resistant glass (Ceramic Shield), Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor


    System chip: A17 Pro (3 nm)
    Processor: Hexa-core
    GPU: Apple GPU 6-core
    RAM: 8GB
    Internal storage: 256GB, not expandable
    Device type: Smartphone
    OS: iOS (17.x)


    Type: Not user replaceable
    Charging: Fast charging, MagSafe wireless charging
    Max charge speed: Wireless: 15.0W


    Rear: Triple camera
    Main camera: 48 MP (Sensor-shift OIS, PDAF)
    Specifications: Aperture size: F1.8; Focal length: 24 mm; Pixel size: 2.44 μm
    Second camera: 12 MP (Telephoto, Sensor-shift OIS)
    Specifications: Optical zoom: 5.0x; Aperture size: F2.8; Focal Length: 1200 mm; Pixel size: 1.12 μm
    Third camera: 12 MP (Ultra-wide)
    Specifications: Aperture size: F2.2; Focal Length: 13 mm; Pixel size: 1.4 μm
    Video recording: 3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (240 fps)
    Features: ProRes, Cinematic mode
    Front: 12 MP (Time-of-Flight (ToF))
    Video capture: 3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps)


    Dimensions: 6.30 x 3.02 x 0.32 inches (159.9 x 76.7 x 8.25 mm) , thickness with camera 0.48 inches (12.28 mm)
    Weight: 7.80 oz (221.0 g)
    Materials: Back: Glass; Frame: Titanium
    Resistance: Yes; IP68
    Biometrics: 3D Face unlock
    Keys: Left: Volume control, Other; Right: Lock/Unlock key
    Colors: Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, Natural Titanium


    5G: n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n14, n20, n25, n28, n29, n30, n38, n40, n41, n48, n66, n70, n71, n77, n78, n79, n258, n260, n261, SA, NSA, mmWave
    4G (FDD): Bands 1(2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 4(AWS-1), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 12(700 a), 13(700 c), 14(700 PS), 17(700 b), 18(800 Lower), 25(1900+), 26(850+), 28(700 APT), 29(700 d), 30(2300 WCS), 32(1500 L-band), 66(AWS-3), 71(600)
    4G (TDD): Bands 34(2000), 38(2600), 39(1900+), 40(2300), 41(2600+), 42(3500), 46, 48(3600)
    3G: Bands 1(2100), 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 8(900)
    Data Speed: LTE-A, HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s
    SIM type: eSIM


    Headphones: No 3.5mm jack
    Speakers: Earpiece, Multiple speakers
    Screen mirroring: Wireless screen share
    Additional microphone(s): for Noise cancellation


    Bluetooth: 5.3
    Wi-Fi: 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, ax (Wi-Fi 6), Wi-Fi 6E; Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot
    USB: Type-C (reversible), USB 3.0
    Features: Charging
    Location: GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, Cell ID, Wi-Fi positioning
    Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Barometer
    Other: NFC, Ultra Wideband (UWB)
    Hearing aid compatible: M3, T4


    Price: $ 1199


    Officially announced: Sep 12, 2023
    Scheduled release: (Official) Sep 22, 2023

    Prepare for Tomorrow

    To sum it all up, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is more than just another phone; it offers a glimpse into our future. Featuring its redesign, powerful chipset, and cutting-edge features, it has all of the makings to become one of the best iPhones of 2023. Apple remains at the forefront of smartphone innovation; their expertise ensures they deliver an unforgettable experience – get ready to be amazed – the iPhone 15 Pro Max will soon arrive!

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