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Passengers with single name on passport not allowed to enter UAE, says airline

single name on passport not allowed to enter UAE
Pakistanis with a single name on their passports are banned from entering the UAE. The number is around 1.6 million. According to Local news paper, passengers traveling from Pakistan to the UAE will not be allowed to enter the Emirates with their single name...

FAB Ratibi Card Salary Check & Balance Inquiry

ratibi card salary check
Ratibi Card is an important service offered by First Abu Dhabi Bank to employees earning a salary of AED 5000 in which their salary is automatically transferred to their accounts. If you want to learn about Ratibi card salary check the read this article...

Are obesity rates rising in Egypt?

Obesity In Egypt
Obesity is a condition in which a person has an excessively high amount of body fat. Obesity is a global epidemic, and Egypt is no exception. According to a recent study, Egypt has the third highest rate of obesity in the world, with over...

Is a New Bitcoin Needed in the World?

new bitcoin
Introduction Perhaps you're tired of Cryptocurrency. It is a kind of virtual money that users can employ to pay for items and services web. It's being referred to as the payment of the tomorrow for some. So, begin earning with Bit-profit. app right immediately! Simply...

How to present an experience gift

experience gift
An impression as a gift is a great idea that will allow you to give a person a lot of pleasant emotions, unforgettable impressions, new experiences and knowledge, a chance to change the situation and even get out of your comfort zone. How to...

FIFA world cup 2022: Victory celebration, Saudi Arabia declares public holiday on Wednesday

fifa world cup 2022
On the orders of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, there will be a public holiday on Wednesday, November 23. According to the Saudi news agency SPA, King Salman bin Abdulaziz has issued a directive that "Wednesday will be a...

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina make a big upset, celebration in the country

Saudi Beat Argentina FIFA world cup 2022
In a match of Group C of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and set the first upset of the tournament. Saudi Arabia won by two goals to one in the match played at Lussle Stadium in Doha on Tuesday. The...

UAE three days off with pay on UAE National Day

UAE National Day
Abu Dhabi (Gulf Inside) The Ministry of Manpower and Emiratisation has announced a three-day holiday across the country on the occasion of the 51st UAE National Day and 'Martyr's Day'. From 1st to 3rd December 2022, all public and private sector employees will be...

Pakistani honoured for controlling traffic in Dubai

pakistani honoured for controlling traffic in dubai
General Abdullah Al Marri, the commander of Dubai Police in the United Arab Emirates, has honored Pakistani citizen Abbas Khan, who controls traffic at an intersection in Dubai. According to Emirates News Agency, Abbas Khan volunteered to manage the traffic at an intersection in Dubai...

Best Things to do in the UAE

best things to do in uae
There is much more to the UAE than its capital city, Abu Dhabi, and the most popular emirate, Dubai. While you shouldn’t miss out the unequaled sights of these two places, the country’s other five emirates are equally enchanting. From Sharjah’s culture-enriched landscape and...
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