Ruling the Pitch and the Console: Ahmed Al-Meghessib’s Football Triumphs


Ruling the Pitch and the Console: Ahmed Al-Meghessib’s Football Triumphs

This remarkable athlete, a midfielder for Al-Duhail Sports Club and the Qatari National Team, has proven his mettle on the football field and establis

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This remarkable athlete, a midfielder for Al-Duhail Sports Club and the Qatari National Team, has proven his mettle on the football field and established himself as a top-ranked FIFA online player in Qatar. While he may not be among the 10 richest eSports players in the world, Al-Meghessib’s journey is a testament to the diverse potential of modern athletes and their ability to inspire across different platforms.

Professional Football Career

Al Meghessib’s professional football career started with Lekhwiya after he attended the Aspire Academy program in Qatar. He joined the youth team of Lekhwiya and quickly moved to Qatar SC, where he made his professional debut against Al-Sadd in the Pro League. 

He then moved to Al-Duhail and even participated in PSG B exercises in a one-week experiment, highlighting his football qualities. In 2019, he signed with Umm Salal, and one year later, he moved to Al Ahli before deciding to focus mainly on his esports career.

The Parallel Career as an eSports Athlete

At 19, he gained physical and virtual football recognition by showcasing his dual talents at the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Ahmed Al-Meghessib was drawn to video games, especially FIFA, and spent countless hours honing his virtual football skills. His dedication paid off, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top-ranked FIFA players in Qatar.

Al-Meghessib, a celebrated athlete sponsored by Red Bull Qatar, has balanced his dual roles with exceptional skill and finesse. His involvement with Red Bull Qatar’s AAMeghessib’s Back-2-Back, a unique platform for FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5, is a significant milestone in his career. This initiative highlights his prowess in e-sports and demonstrates his commitment to nurturing the next generation of e-sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, Ahmed represents Ooredoo Thunders and the Qatar National esports team on Red Bull Back-2-Back, a unique esports platform for FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5.

Shaping the Future of eSports in Qatar

Al-Meghessib’s story goes beyond a personal achievement; it sets a precedent for the future of sports. His exceptional performance in real and virtual football worlds marks a new era in athletic versatility. As the face of AAMeghessib’s Back-2-Back, he is not only a competitor but also a role model for aspiring athletes who envision a future in the physical and digital fields.

Al-Meghessib’s accomplishments have a significant impact beyond his success. He inspires young athletes, showing that the sports industry is vast and inclusive, and welcomes various forms of talent and passion. His triumph motivates aspiring sports enthusiasts to pursue conventional and modern sports interests.

Testing his Skills in More than FIFA

Even though FIFA made the most sense as it was a digital alter-ego to his professional footballing career, the young eSports star didn’t stop at that. He also tried his luck at many other esports, and here are a few where he achieved great things. 

Call of Duty

At 11, Al Meghessib was introduced to gaming by his friends. He tried it once and got hooked. Nowadays, he mostly plays Call of Duty Warzone, the battle royale version of the popular multiplayer shooter game. He plays the game with his friends, one of whom is a professional football player and a professional Warzone player. This proves that Al Meghessib is not the only one who has mastered real-life and virtual sports.

Apex Legends

Al Meghessib found the game to be a refreshing change from the usual battle royale games he played. Although he wasn’t as skilled at it as in FIFA or football, he was still interested in learning and mastering it. 

He finds Apex Legends unique because players who excel at competitive games tend to be competitive in all aspects of their lives. However, he enjoys playing the game for what it is and having fun without the pressure of being a world-class player. 

Al Meghessib notes that he usually gets competitive when playing games with his friends, but with Apex Legends, he plays against random opponents, which allows him to enjoy the game without the need to win at all costs.

Final Words

To quote one article on Red Bull’s official site about him, “Ahmed Al Meghessi being both a football and FIFA pro is the ultimate flex.” And that’s not at all an overstatement! Few people have both a professional sports career and another thing going on. But competing at the top level, both in the real world and in esports, is truly unique.