10 Best Companies For Cheap Rent A Car Dubai Monthly Basis


10 Best Companies For Cheap Rent A Car Dubai Monthly Basis

If you're contemplating an adventure to Dubai it is essential to know how you can locate high-end car leases with affordable prices. Even though you c

If you’re contemplating an adventure to Dubai it is essential to know how you can locate high-end car leases with affordable prices. Even though you can take taxis or public transport for travel in Dubai however, choosing to hire a vehicle in Dubai can enhance your UAE trip in numerous ways. The public transport system and taxis is only useful if you’re planning to visit public locations, however if you require a visit to the top places in the city or country, you must rent a car in Dubai. Dubai is an amazing city for those who love driving and has a superb roadway network and amazing highways.

If you can meet the minimum requirements, you’ll have no trouble getting around in the cities and their environs in your car while taking in the stunning landscapes and avenues. The road signs are understood and readable, providing security on the major roads. Renting a car for a reasonable price within Abu Dhabi can also help to save money, particularly when you plan to travel often during your stay within the UAE. There is an array of vehicles since the majority of rental car firms in Dubai offer vehicles that are suitable for every budget, regardless of whether you’re looking to save money or just take advantage of the city with fashion.

What Do You Need to Know before renting a Car in Dubai?

It is essential to know the fundamentals about driving within the UAE before you are able to hire a car in Sharjah or in any other location. Similar to other countries that is a part of it is the United Arab Emirates has several rules for driving and roads which you should consider before you look for short-term leasing deals. Anyone over 18 is able to drive a vehicle in the UAE however, you have to be 21 years old or over to be able to lease a vehicle. But, some Dubai rent-a-car luxury firms will only lease vehicles to those who are over 25 years old.

You require an International Driving License to drive in Dubai. However, people from countries like the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC), Europe, Australia and the US are not required to have to obtain an International Driving License. These countries’ residents only require a visa for tourists to take a trip throughout the UAE. If you intend to park your vehicle on the streets then you must take a look at parking charges. The fees for parking vary based on the kind of parking, location , and the duration. The good feature is that you can park free of charge on Fridays and public holidays. Persons with disabilities are not exempted from having to pay parking charges.

However, this shouldn’t hinder you from exploring the top locations in Dubai. Malls that are tourist destinations don’t charge parking charges in the event that you stay longer than three hours, from Sunday through Thursday. The parking in malls is typically free on Saturdays, Fridays and on public holidays, however it is important to check the mall’s policies prior to you go to.

Once you know what is required to operate a vehicle in the UAE You must locate the most affordable car lease for $99 with no down payment rental rates, so that you can ensure your stay at Dubai enjoyable. Some rental car firms require a security deposit that must be used in the event that the car is damaged. In this article we’ll assist you to locate the top companies to affordable car rental in Dubai.

Rent A Car In Dubai

10 Best Cheap Rent a Car in Dubai

  1. OneClickDrive
  2. Kayak
  3. Speedy Drive
  4. Easy Car
  5. Self Drive
  6. Quick Lease
  7. Dollar Rent for a Car
  8. Renty
  9. Europcar Dubai
  10. Afamia Car Rentals

1.) OneClickDrive Rent A Car Dubai

To find the most affordable car to rent You must compare various offers. OneClickDrive collaborates with more than 50 car rental providers throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman with a broad selection of luxury, budget exotic and sports cars available for rental. When you book your car through the website does not incur charges for booking or mark-ups and guarantees the lowest rates for every car. Prices begin at AED 40 per day, for basic cars up to AED 4,000 per day on luxury vehicles. There is the vast selection of over 50k cars from all models, brands and models that are available within the UAE.

OneClickDrive allows you to compare offers from a variety of rental agencies to identify the best deal for your budget and requirements. When you have found the best deal, you can communicate directly with the vendor and eliminate the expenses and hassles that come with having to need to work with third party. It’s easy to locate the most suitable vehicle as you can sort by brand model, year and other attributes. It is also possible to make use of the website to book the car with an driver in Dubai with the driver-on-demand service which provides services like an assigned driver, monthly-basis, hourly basis valet parking, event driver.

2.) Kayak Rent A Car Dubai

If you’re hiring the car for the duration of a month, you require an organization with a good reputation. There are many things that can go wrong during the period and cause trouble. You must ensure that the business will offer an open ear to you and assist you in finding the solution to your problem. However, this isn’t often the case with certain rental cars. Kayak is a budget-friendly rental vehicle Dubai service that provides the opportunity to access affordable cars for hire, and also a opportunity to investigate the rental company. There are a variety of cheap rental cars in Dubai that start as little as $13 per day on Kayak. The major selling point for Kayak is the possibility to read the reviews of agencies that offer their cars available for rent on the site. They are also rated by their customers and rank them making it possible to rent from the most reliable source in Dubai.

Kayak provides helpful advice that will aid you in saving money on the rental of your vehicle and also travel information to make your journey through your city more enjoyable. For Dubai by itself, the website provides 193 rental locations as well as an airport with 62 locations. You can find the most affordable deal according to the rental cost as well as the type of car, the place of operation, and rating, which will give you more options to the selection process.

3.) Speedy Drive

One of the most trustworthy as well as fastest growing car hire firms within Dubai, Speedy Drive is well-known for its easy car rental. Speedy Drive makes it easy to locate a high-quality rental car. It doesn’t have any hidden charges and provides high-end cars at low prices for a great driving experience. The company will deliver the vehicle to your preferred pick-up location throughout Dubai. Speedy Drive has a flexible service that allows you to pay either on a daily or monthly basis, according to your preference. Speedy Drive offers a simple renting procedure that only takes just a few minutes. It goes one step further by providing 24 hour roadside assistance to ensure that you travel in peace.

The company is transparent in its philosophy that gives customers all the information they need prior to renting the car, including potential vehicle choices and delivery times. The minimum age for renting the car with Speedy Drive Company is 23. You must have at least six months old UAE driver’s license for residents or a valid one-year-old driver’s license from your home country for tourists. The company offers promotional deals which you can avail of to save more.

4.) Easy Car

Renting a car for your journey does not need to be a hassle. The car rental service is simple and has an easy booking process which provides a hassle-free rental car journey without charges hidden or unclear clauses and terms. The company allows you to easily search for and reserve a car from the most reputable companies for car rentals. The website lets you find the top selection of vehicles to determine the lowest prices. The charges for renting a car on Easy Car include free cancellation and amendments, vehicle license costs and collision damage waivers along with third-party coverage. If you require an automobile from the site it is possible to book via telephone at 0203 318 6696. The customer service is accessible all hours of the day, so you can be assisted at any point throughout the day.

As one of the biggest car hire brokers worldwide, Easy Car offers a wide selection of top-quality cars at low rates, which makes your trip through the UAE astonishing. Prices include the essentials, like insurance unlimited mileage and collision damage waiver and breakdown coverage as well as theft protection. It is your choice to modify your travel plans. The company won’t be charged for changes or cancellations. It is also simple to customize your reservation using the tools for comparison to help you select the best vehicle for your trip.

5.) Self Drive

If you’re looking for the most attractive promotional deals to save money, then utilize Self Drive rental to rent vehicles for a day in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Al-AIN. Self Drive is among the first businesses to be found in the UAE to introduce electric vehicles to hire. You can rent electric vehicles starting at just 5 AED per hour, making it a great option for people who wish to test out the latest technologies. The company provides exclusive deals and deals that ensure the lowest price for rental cars. Prices include maintenance, repairs tire, registration, insurance, and 24-hour help with roadside emergencies. Additionally, you will receive a free replacement car.

Self Drive is free of any hidden costs. They also offer the flexibility of a friendly, affordable car rental service that allows you to pick your vehicle from Dubai and then return it to any destination in the UAE. The company offers flexible plans that allow you to pay on a daily as well as monthly, weekly and even short-term leases. The rental service is available on demand, meaning it is paid when you need it. Self Drive is a Self Drive rental company is accommodating to its customers. You can include a friend or family member to serve as co-drivers on long drives.

6.) Quick Lease Rent A Car Dubai

Quick Lease Car Rentals is an dependable, trustworthy car rental provider in UAE that provides a unique rental inventory , which includes an extensive selection of cars for economy, luxury automobiles and SUVs. The cars are thoroughly inspected and maintained to guarantee the safety and comfort of their clients. The 24/7 customer support and emergency support allow you to concentrate on your travels, knowing that they are there for you should you have any issues. The company is able to offer around weekly, daily and monthly sales that let users get huge discounts. The company gives its customers free delivery, a simple booking procedure, and also maintenance and service for free.

Rapid Lease vehicle rental is free of any hidden costs. You see what you will receive. Customers are briefed about the price and other information before they purchase, including delivery and insurance. The company offers a wide selection of options, such as rental for short-term periods or annual rentals, leases for long-term cars, personal leasing, corporate leasing and lease-to-own. The company is friendly with its approach to business that is based on flexibility and customer satisfaction, backed by low rates, readily accessible customer support and top-quality cars.

7.) Dollar Rent for a Car Dubai

The company operates across 640 locations across 53 countries. In the UAE it is a franchise operated by A.A. Al Moosa Enterprises. It has operations in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, including airport locations. The company’s aim is to provide affordable services to residents and visitors while maintaining high standards of quality. Dollar Rent a Car’s goal is to become an organization that is focused on customer service by generating steady, sustainable business growth. The goal is to provide customers a smooth and easy renting experience. The core principles that Dollar Rent a Car Dubai are to offer customers a pleasurable renting experience, to keep the rental process simple and easy and to maintain the integrity of the company throughout the process.

8.) Renty Rent A Car Dubai

If you’re on an extremely tight budget You will be able to find Renty extremely affordable. It offers more than 28 rental firms and 649 rental vehicles. Rent provides a broad selection of vehicles, including luxurious vehicles vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and economical motors. With Renty the economy vehicles start at as little as $10 per day or $252 weekly and 1080 per month. The SUV and luxury cars are offered for as little as $128 a day or $442 for a six-day period or $380 in 30 days. The company offers cost-effective vans to transport groups starting only $115 per day as well as $322 per month.

9.) Europcar Dubai

Europcar is among the top car rental firms in Dubai that provides short-term contracts and monthly rental car deals. Europcar recognizes that customers have different needs which is why they offer the option to personalize their lease and rental options. Customer service is able to provide options that fit with different budgets, which include free maintenance and vehicle repair, as well as free replacement as well as insurance protection. The company provides high-quality service without compromise, and continuous improvement to ensure that the company is able to meet of company goals and targets.

10) Afamia Car Rentals

Afamia offers a huge selection of top-quality cars at reasonable prices. The company is committed to providing the highest quality car rental service to both individuals and companies. In addition to offering excellent rates, the company also has an experienced and customer-focused staff who ensure that customers are pleased and satisfied. The vehicles at Afamia can be well-maintained, which means clients can travel without stress. Afamia offers a selection of budget and mid-range cars with low miles, allowing you to enjoy an enjoyable drive around the city. Afamia is a budget-friendly hire a car Dubai business that provides various Hatchbacks or sedans as well as SUVs with reasonable costs. The process of booking is simple and simple via using the telephone or WhatsApp. The rates for rental include unlimited mileage which allows you to focus on your journey, not to the distance you’ve taken in.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much will it cost to rent an automobile in Dubai?

The cost to hire the car you want in Dubai is contingent on a variety of variables. The car you choose to hire will have a significant impact on the price. SUVs and luxury vehicles are the most costly cars to rent while economical cars are affordable, beginning less than AED 40 per day. The price also varies based on the additional services provided by the rental firm. A rental company that offers roadside recovery, insurance and drivers will most likely charge more than a rental company that does not provide additional services.

Do you think it is worth renting an automobile in Dubai?

It is contingent on the route you take when you are in Dubai. Dubai offers taxis as well as public transport that can get passengers to many places in the city. If you’ll often be on the road and saving money, consider by renting a car rather than taking taxis. Renting cars flexible when you are planning to travel to various locations across the country. In addition, renting a vehicle allows you to enjoy the scenic roads and picturesque spots across the country.

What is the cost to lease an Lamborghini for a day in Dubai?

One of the top automobiles you can rent within Dubai, Lamborghini will cost around 4600 AED daily or 32,000 AED per week, or 140,000 AED for a monthly Quick Lease car rental.

What is the reason Cars located in Dubai so inexpensive?

Automobiles for sale in Dubai are affordable due to the lower tax rate when compared with other countries.

Are you able to rent the Ferrari from Dubai?

Yes. With Quick Lease, you can hire a Ferrari at a price as low as 3900 AED a day or 27,300 AED per week, and 117,000 AED for a monthly rental.


If you’re looking either a temporary or long-term lease for your car, you have to locate a reliable rental firm. Do your research on this company’s reputation, review customer reviews and contact customer support before you decide. Be sure you know the conditions and terms of the rental car Dubai firm, such as the age limit, driving license conditions, and insurance requirements before you make a booking for a car.


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