Another Mahzooz Winner Who Win 10 Million Dirham

Thirty-eight years old TV producers have become overnight multi millionaire.

Mahzooz Winner Who Win 10 Million Dirham
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Dubai (Gulf Inside) Latest Mahzooz Winner: French-born Tunisian citizen Hamdi has become a millionaire overnight. He competed with five winning numbers in the latest MAHZOOZ Grand Draw to win the 10 Million Dirham Grand Prize.

The winning numbers were 8, 13, 21, 31 and 47.

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The 38-year-old TV producer became Mahfooz’s 20th millionaire simply because he wanted a timely change of heart.

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“I went out of my house for a breath of fresh air and I remembered that I had not taken part in the Mahzooz. I chose a few numbers without much thought and changed 48 to 47 when I remembered that 48 was one of last week’s winning numbers, ‚ÄĚexplained the Abu Dhabi resident.

As the live draw that changed Hamdi’s life unfolded, hardcore football fans enjoyed watching the match and did not check the email notification announcing his victory.

“I was frustrated and angry because my team lost. But when I opened the email and realized I had won 10 million dirhams, I was speechless. I had scored the winning goal of my life! Closed and reopened his favorite app several times to confirm that I had indeed won, “said the father of two.

Hamdi has no concrete plans, but says much of it will go to securing his sons’ future. “My five-year-old and one-year-old boys are my priority – the first thing I did after winning was kissing them both. Finally, my wife and I will carefully plan to spend this money wisely. Fancy cars and houses. I don’t have a cup of tea, “said Hamdi.

So, does the millionaire intend to stop working? “All the people in the world can give you, and yet you can’t let go.” I probably used some of my wins to fund certain media outlets.

Hamdi says the plans could be centered around food. “I love cooking, so I’ve always dreamed of starting a food channel on YouTube, or opening a small restaurant, or going on a food tour of the world and documenting it. I’m lucky Gave me the opportunity to fulfill my responsibilities to my family without sacrificing my personal goals. I will also extend my blessings by donating to charities and the needy.

Hamdi likened life to football. “Life is also a beautiful game that is about time. When I came to the UAE nine years ago, I had 30 days to look for a job and I didn’t get anything until the 29th day when I gave up. “Today, the UAE is my home and I am unimaginably happy. I am very grateful to this country and its people.”

In the 56th Weekly Live Grand Draw, 36 winners got second prize of 1 million dirhams and 1,282 winners got third prize of 350 dirhams. In addition, the three winners each collected 100,000 dirhams in a raffle draw, including three guaranteed winners each week.

Entrants can participate in the lottery by registering through WWW.MAHZOOZ.AE and purchasing a bottle of water for 35 dirhams.

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